In the heat of the day, with the sun scorching hot, Titi walked over to the fountain she’d sighted for from afar to her delight. Reaching there, she stretched forth her hands to take in as much water as she could but what she met was an aberration, a deviation from the normal, quite a surprise. The fountain was flowing;, yes,; the water was available for drinking;, yes;, but what hit her taste buds was out of it. She couldn’t understand. Had the thirst or the fierce heat of the sun so much affected her tongue? She took the water again but it only got worse. Quite disappointed and angry, she asked herself, ‘What kind of fountain is this?’
‘Sha ba koso mala’. Titi was heard scabashing in tongues, as Kemi walked past her room.
‘Is that not Titi’s voice?’ she said, as she stopped and walked back to Titi’s room. She knocked on the door but got no answer.
‘I think I’d have to enter inside and wait for her’, she thought to herself, as she entered the room and sat on the bed close to where Titi was praying.
Kemi is the sister coordinator at their fellowship on campus, while Titi is one of the sister excos in the fellowship.
‘Oh, it’s you sis Kemi. Good evening ma’.
‘Good evening Sis Titi. This your prayer is hot o. How’re you doing?’
‘I’m very much fine’. Titi replied, grinning.
‘So, how was your prayer? I hope it wasn’t because of me you stopped or did I interrupt you?’
‘Nooo, that’s not a problem’.
‘It’s okay’. Kemi answered. ‘Anyways, I wanted to see you before I passed your room; I didn’t know you were even around until I heard your voice.
‘Hope no problem ma?’
‘Not really’. Kemi replied. ‘Well….how is it with you and Sis Tope? I mean, how’s your interaction with her?’
‘Normal, we’re both okay’.
‘Are you sure?
‘Yes ma’. Titi replied.
‘Hmmm….’ Kemi looked down thoughtfully for a moment. ‘What happened day before yesterday when she came to ask you for some help and the day after?’
‘Hem…she came to ask me for some money and I told her I couldn’t help at the moment’.
‘That’s not all, you know that right?’ There was a brief moment of silence. ‘You literally tore her to pieces with your words and you went ahead to do the same in the presence of others, am I worngwrong?
Not getting any answers Kemi continued. ‘hmmm… I met you praying not quite long. Let me ask you, the God you were praying to, do you think He’s happy with those words you said earlier to that sister? Don’t you know you were just chanting? Speaking in tongues is good o, in fact it’s Biblical and powerful but when the same mouth you use to pray is the same you use to curse and destroy another man’s person’s moral, tell me isn’t there cause for alarm? Don’t you know that the Holy Spirit can’t pray or speak through a mouth that’s filthy? It’s not possible.
‘Sis Titi, if you’re to be a life-giving fountain, a medium through which God will speak life and healing to people, your lips must be holily wholly given to Him! It’s quite disappointing what you did to that sister. Please make necessary amends’. Sis Kemi said and left the room. Titi sat in silence for a long time in shame, pondering on over what the sister coordinator had just said. Then, she remembered the dream she had. ‘Was she that fountain ? Tthat had tasted bitter and sweet at the same time?’ and nNow she got the picture, God had clearly showed her how she was to people:, an aberration of the normal Christian life, a futility of who she ought to portray and a disappointment to God and others. So it meant all her prayers were just unnecessary chants? Right there and then, she knelt down to pray.
‘Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?’ James 3:11
‘Therewith bless we God, even the Father; and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God. Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be’.

What comes out of you? A fountain of sweet and bitter water? So many chanting everywhere void of the life of the Spirit in the name of tongues. If you should be a fountain of life-giving water, your words must be given to the control of the Holy Spirit to speak edifying and graceful words.


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