My mum felt a funny nudge on her hand and screamed in shock. What was that? Alas, it was Major!😀 We were all seated around the dining table to eat dinner and Major thought it good to have his own share. Now, since Major is little we can’t just give him the type of food we eat due to his digestive system, and because he needs certain nutrients for him to grow and develop properly. But you see, Major wouldn’t eat his own food, especially when he sees all of us eating something different.

Let me tell you something I’ve learned about dogs, they deal so much with their sense of smell, sight isn’t something so good with them like that. Their sense of smell is way sharper than ours and you know, your sense of smell is closely connected to your sense of taste.

Back to my story. Major has his own special puppy food but he doesn’t like them. He prefers to eat from the crumbs that fall from our own food and he’d do anything to get it. Remember I mentioned earlier that he loves bread, beans, eggs, and other foods like that. So, whenever we’re eating Major will stay beside us, watching us eat, expecting someone to throw food down to him. If he doesn’t get any such invitation, he would help himself and struggle to take it from your hand. That’s the funny part😄. Please, when you’re with Major safeguard your food, especially if there’s meat or fish on it. Any slight mistake on your part to look away from your food for just a second means your meat or fish is gone, for good! He doesn’t waste time on this (he’s very fast). I can’t count how many times we thought our food was safe just because it was in front of us. At this time, Major will be quietly seating down like nothing is going through his mind but from experience, we’ve come to discover that he’s carefully monitoring our moves, waiting for us to become less conscious of our food, and then, he strikes.

One of the ways Major shows his interest is to sit when we want to give him food. We’re still trying to train him so for now, the only time he obeys the command is when he wants us to give him food or he wants to collect something from our hands. Most times, even before we say sit, he’s already seating down just to indicate his interest, especially when we don’t seem to be paying any attention to him.

But then, he’s not so much of a bad guy like that o. Major is a gentle guy🙂, so he’d often sit and wait for you to give him something to eat and he would politely indicate his interest with the nudge on your arm with his nose but when you don’t, well, he thinks he has his right to your plate (My mum jokes that the one who’s supposed to catch thieves for you is now the thief); I’m sure he doesn’t see it as stealing. At times, after we’ve all eaten and there are crumbs leftover on our plates or somewhere near, Major helps himself to it too. Even when his food is on his own plate, he still eats the leftovers in the dustbin. But thank God, we’ve gotten foods he can eat from his own plate too.

What does the Bible have to say about dogs and crumbs? What can we learn from this?

Thank God we’re not dogs and we don’t have to wait for the crumbs when we can have the whole dish to ourselves. Mark 7:28 gives the reply of a woman who needed Jesus to deliver her daughter who had a devil. Well, Jesus told her food meant for the children is not supposed to be given to dogs and this is what she said: “And she answered and said unto him, Yes, Lord: yet the dogs under the table eat of the children’s crumbs.” The answer she gave was proof of her great faith and Jesus granted her request. In the book of Matthew where the account was also relayed, she said, dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table, just as I depicted with Major earlier on. How then does this apply to us as Christians?

As Christians, we are children of the Father, the Almighty God, and because we are children, we are heirs. We have every right to God’s goodies, His treasure house, and His blessings. We do not eat crumbs. In the verse above, Jesus used crumbs to refer to the healing of the woman’s daughter. The woman wasn’t a Jew and so, she wasn’t entitled to the privileges the Jews had then because, at that time, she wasn’t a bonafide child of Abraham and so, she had no right to the covenant of Abraham with God which the Jews had. But thank God for Jesus, we have that right. Unfortunately, though, many Christians still live like strangers to God. They do not know that crumbs are not for them. The rich delicacy of God’s riches is not for some special few; it’s an inclusive right to everyone that’s a Christian!

You are not to beg for the leftovers and wait till the meal is over. You don’t also have to settle for anything less than the best God has. But when you don’t know your rights as a person or the privileges accrued to you, you can’t obviously make use of it. How then do you know? By the extensive study of God’s word, applying it to your life, discovering and claiming God’s precious promises and through prayer to actualize them. You are not to settle for less than God’s expectation and provision for you. Are you faced with a challenge or circumstance that is beneath the life of a Christian? Why don’t you claim your right and the privileges Christ has made provision for on the cross, and quit living like a pauper, begging from the table, when you’re meant to be sitting and feasting from the table?

And just in case you feel you have no right to the Father’s table because of your past life, here’s the good news: there’s enough seat on the table for you and food to go round, just call out to Him and invite Him as Lord and Saviour, repent of your sins and He’d make you one of His special own!

Did you learn something from this post? Have you ever had to feed an animal? Share your experience if yes. Feel free to like, share, comment, and also share your experiences with dogs, if you have any, and the lessons you’ve learned.

Gracias🤗 God bless you



  1. Wow!! Another great lesson learnt.
    Don’t belittle yourself, Know your right,claim it and act with it.
    We’ve been made prince and princess, Kings and Queens in his vineyard then we should act like one..
    *Never settle for less*
    Think of yourself more highly than every situation around you.
    Be yourself and look up from whence commet your help.

    This made me remember what we learnt yesterday from the Bible study…..
    Talking about why our prayers are not answered or seems like they’re not answered also talking about out unbelieve and what unbelieve can do to a believer.

    God help us all.
    Thanks dear for this wonderful piece.
    Awaiting more inspiration and insight.💖

  2. Hmmm…
    You said he’s gentle🤔 he didn’t show gentleness when I visited o 😂😂😂

    That’s by the way…

    Such a great lesson learn here .

    As children of God, we should know our right in asking for what we want from our Father.

    Thanks sis for this

      1. Hmmm…
        Wow so dogs (animals) have mood swings too just like we humans…

        Now I can’t wait to read the next episode of this lessons from Major

      2. Hmmm…
        Wow so dogs (animals) too have mood swings just like we humans…
        Now I can’t wait to read the next episode of this lessons from Major

  3. You are not to settle for less than God’s expectation and provision for you.
    Well noted.
    More Inspiration TosinWrites.

  4. Wonderful lesson learnt here. Tanks for this post. Children of God are Heirs and not Slaves or Dogs.
    God will help us all IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME.


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