“Moooommiii!” Junior cried out of the bathroom. “Arrrgh, my head!”
“Junior! Are you alright?” His mum called out in return. Mrs Johnson had been on the solfasofa in the sitting room, when the lights went off while 6-year old Junior, her son, was in the bathroom taking a shower and had hit his head hard on the wall, while trying to get out of the bathroom in the dark. “Why didn’t you wait for me to put the lights on?”
“Arrrh, it hurts” Junior said, whining.
“Sorry, you’d be alright” Mrs Johnson replied as she attended to his face.
“hemmm” Mrs Johnson knew he was about to ask a question and he was thinking of how he’d frame it. “What if there were nothing like light bulbs and lamps, what would we do?”
“I don’t know” She replied, not being in the mood to answer. “We’d think of something else”
“Mummy, our teacher in school said it was just one man that invented the light bulb. How did he make all the light bulbs in the world? What if he didn’t make them? What would happen? Would we have to bump into walls every time like this?”
“Junior, which do you want me to answer?” She asked. Mrs Johnson had been lost in thought before Junior wailed out. She was in the midst of a pandonium that had taken her days to figure out. Her husband had been transferred to Abuja few years ago, while she and Junior remained in Lagos. Now, they were considering the whole family moving to Abuja so they could be together. But recently, Mrs Johnson received a promotion with a whooping salary. Relocating to Abuja at this time would be losing out on such a big opportunity. She was reconsidering staying behind for some few years in Lagos. She was well aware that she ought to be with her husband but the opportunity now seemed to cloud that out.
“Well, Thomas Edison made one and others made just like his own. What if he didn’t make them? Probably, we’d still be depending on the moonlight and stoves. Well, bumping into walls? Yea, sometimes and more often than now”. She answered as simply as she could so he’d understand. “Is that ok now?”
“Yes mum” He said and dashed off.
As she thought over the question Junior asked, she began to realize what fatal mistake she was about to make. She began to wonder how one man’s decision or invention could effectaffect lives and generations even years after his death, what if he gave up and decided not to persevere in making a light bulb? What would be now? She was only considering the present benefits of the job and not thinking about the future consequences of what her choices would make; in the real sense, she was being selfish. How would it affect her husband if she decided to stay behind even for one more month, how about Junior? Staying years without his father, she couldn’t just train him alone, also considering the demands of her new position, she’d have little or no time for him. What then would he grow up to, in such condition? As the questions began to whirl in her mind, she realized there was quite a lot dependant on the choice she’d make, things she’d never thought of; all of which tended towards the negative, even for her.
“Junior!” She called out. “Come over here, I’ve got good news”
“Yes mummy” he answered gleefully. “What is it?”
“We’re going to Abuja next week to stay with your dad”
“No more two of us?” He asked.
Mrs Johnson raised an eye brow, a little amazed at the question “It was never two of us before, young man” she said, then remembered it was all her fault; having been away from his father for so long, it was natural for his thoughts to incline that way “ and it will never be”.
We all make choices everyday and in every thing we do, whether we’re aware of it or not. It’s kind of constant, choices must be made. Not to make a choice at all is a choice in itself; so not making a definite choice about something or in a situation is not an excuse. It is a known heralded fact that we all are a product of our choices. Our today is the product of yesterday’s choice and our tomorrow will be a build-up of the choices we’re making today. Unfortunately, so many of us only stop at this point; we become oblivious of the fact that our choices are actually in chains. What do I mean? Whatever choice you make does not only affect you, it also affects others. That sounds a little far-fetched right? Think of men like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, men who made significant marks in history from the choices they made. Maybe at the point they made their choices, they had little or no idea of how it would affect our world today. Think of Thomas Edison who tried making the light bulb and only got it at the 100th time; what if he’d given up then?
You can never tell how far the choices you make can go, even to those around you. Always remember that every decision you make is a chain, which affects many other things, no matter how minute or insignificant it seems. It’s just like putting a pint of poison in a cup of tea or changing a little figure and saying it doesn’t matter. Also note, that every decision affects another; it’s a chain. Think of where you are now and the decisions that brought you there, what if you had done otherwise. Would you be where you are now? Will there be a change or difference? No choice taken is ever in isolation, it affects many other things. So whenever you’re about to make a choice, think through. Ask yourself why you’re making such choice and remember that it has the effect to also affect generations and generations to come.
This verse is an example of how our choices could make a huge difference in not only our lives but in other’s life “Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned. For if by one man’s offense death reigned by one; much more they which receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ” Romans 5;12,17. Notice the word ‘one man’ and the action or repercussion that follows. Your choices are not just tied to you, they’re tied to a chain of others, either directly or indirectly.

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