Tade fumed internally but managed to keep her calm outside. The mistress always had something bad to say or something wrong to spot with everything she did. She couldn’t wait for her mistress to be out so she could have some time to think and have a breathing space.

“Finally.” She breathed out; lying exhausted on her little make-shift bed.

“Lord what else do I do?” She asked out loud. All her efforts to make her mistress happy only made her frustrated. She knew what the other maidens did behind the mistress’ back, especially when she wasn’t around. How they stole her things and bad-mouthed her to the other maidens from the house close by them. She had tried her best not to join them, preferring rather to be loyal but her mistress never seemed to notice. She wanted to obey her Master, but it was becoming harder by the day.

“Who are you living for?” came the question. She stood up straight from her lying-down position.

‘Who am I living for?’ she repeated to herself. She was working for her mistress, of course.

“Working is not the same thing as living” she heard again. Well, all she did for a living was work. So, what was the difference? Silence. She didn’t hear anything again. She sighed in further frustration. How long would she live like this?

She picked up her Bible on impulse and turned its pages. Instantly, her eyes fell to a verse that seemed to jump out amidst the others. She wasn’t sure what attracted her to the verse but it got her attention.

“For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.” She read the verse over and over again, trying to get what it meant and how it applied to her present situation. She personalized it ‘Whether I live, I live unto the Lord: and whether I die, I die unto the Lord: whether I live therefore, or die, I am the Lord’s.”

It was beginning to make sense now. Her life wasn’t about her work. Her life wasn’t about pleasing her mistress. Her life was about her Lord. She was to live for her Lord. That’s where she had been missing it. She had been trying hard to obey her Master, but living for the wrong person.  No wonder she was always frustrated instead of happy. She was living for the wrong reasons, just for work. She now understood that if she were living for her Lord, it wouldn’t be hard to live right to her mistress. Her reactions towards her wouldn’t matter because she wasn’t the one she was living for. The only thing that would affect her would be if her Lord was displeased but as long as He was happy with her living, her mistress’ reactions or actions wouldn’t matter.

She rose from her bed with a new life and a new meaning to living. She would begin to live for her Lord. It didn’t matter what her mistress thought of her, as long as her Lord is pleased, that was all that mattered.

“Who are you living for?” is the question to you. You may be living right and doing right, but if the one you live for is not the Lord, you’re bound to get frustrated. Why? Because humans will not always reciprocate the good you do, they may not notice or even appreciate your good even when they do. When you live for the Lord, life becomes easier. You’re sure of a just reward and sure of a reciprocal and even greater attention from Him. Who will you start living for? The choice to a better, happier life is yours to make. Selah.

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  1. Living for the Lord with absolute surrenderedness. Is the sure way to a better life. More grace ma.


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