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Can you remember your childhood days, when you had big lofty dreams you didn’t think were ever possible to achieve right now. Or you had a favourite imaginary world you reverted back to when a movie inspired you. You must have thought to be so many things, and maybe your favourite word then was ‘I wish’.

Thing is, in life, we’ve all got wishes and desires, things we want to achieve, where we want to be and what we hope to become. Perhaps there’s something you want to do. It has been on your mind for so long and it keeps coming, popping up in your mind from time to time. Why then haven’t you done it? whatever it is you want to do can be achieved, no matter how big and impossible at the moment it may be, but it won’t just come like that. It must start with a step.

You’ve got to let go of those fears and take the leap. Don’t focus on the gap between where you are and where you want to be, look at your destination. Taking the leap could be writing that exam, applying for that scholarship, going for that program, creating that page, starting that business, speaking up or trying something new you’d never tried before. Whatever it is, as far as it’s a profitable and legal course, go for it. Don’t worry about how you’d get there. Are you doubting your abilities? and you’re asking yourself ‘Am I good enough for this? Can I really do this?’ Why look for reasons why you can’t, when there’s a whole lot reason why you can and should! You were made to achieve. Don’t give heed to those limiting voices saying you can’t or asking how you will do it. If there’s a step you can identify as the starting point, then take that step.

Make a list of all you want to do or achieve. Identify where you need to start from to achieve those dreams. Begin to take actions towards them and as you continue, you’ll begin to see reality from those dreams. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step-Lao Tzu. Have you ever been in a situation where you had to take a big step, despite risks and fears? How did it turn out? Feel free to share in the comment box below.


12 thoughts on “Take the Leap

  1. Great! 🙂

    Guess I’ve taken many big steps ..

    First and Greatest is the decision to drop many of my dirty habits for a life of righteousness through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It was kind of tough leaving those ways but the resolution to live a brand new life was greater!

    Others are when I had to represent my secondary school or other groups in competitions, the panic at those times were quite enough to constitute fears but with determination, courage and encouragements from around, I was able to perform well .. winning at some!

    I’ve also engaged in projects with obvious risks .. the key to their happy ending is a strong focus from a willing heart and sound determination despite hurdles.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing justified. Quite a challenge. I got something… strong focus from a willing heart and sound determination despite hurdles. And the decision to follow Christ, that’s the greatest that can be made.

  2. I remember my first ever public speaking moment…it was really scary…the fear in my heart was so terrible dat it was written all over my face that i was afraid,and right wen i was standing in front of the audience i felt like running away but i jst sd to myself “kenny u cnt mess up o…u can do this”…and den i did…i let go of the fear and i put on the garment of courage…tho my heart was still racing..thnk God no one cud see it..(lol)…thnks sis, for ds opportunity to share…much love ♡♡♡.

  3. Well, apart from the decision to follow Jesus, remaining with Him has been one with regular decisions.
    Every time am faced with temptations, I just tell myself “No! Satan can’t get me here” and it just happens that I have consistent victory. I can remember what that song writer said; “each trial will make you the stronger”. So I just come out victorious every step of the way.

    By the way, you did a good job in that write up.


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