Cassy flung her box open to one side of the room. She was super-duper excited. She had gotten a full scholarship to further her studies abroad, her Master’s degree. The joy springing from her was  unimaginable.

‘Cassy, one hour to go dear’ her mum called from the sitting room. Cassy could hear the ringing, happy tune of her mother’s voice. The surprise and elated joy on her parent’s face when they opened the letter, was one scene she couldn’t get out of her mind. Cassy shrufled through her wardrobe to see the clothes and books she’d pack. She came across an old box she had left behind when going to boarding house during secondary school.

‘What are these old books doing here’, she thought, as she pulled it aside. Just as she was about to turn elsewhere, she caught a glimpse of something. It was a little book she had when she was much younger, like a diary. It had the inscription ‘God ties’. She picked it up and flipped through it and then she remembered. It was a special diary she kept. She began to read through the pages.

‘Dear God, today was fantastic! Guess what Lord? I found the T-shirt I talked to you about; that flowery one Mum gave me on my birthday. You see God, I’m not going to tell her how I found it cos I know she wouldn’t believe me’. With the book in her hand, Cassy slowly sat on the edge of her bed. Flipping and reading through, the book brought precious memories of her fond relationship with God, but as she continued, they turned painful. ‘Dear God friend, I’m going to the secondary school now. Mum and Dad have decided to take me to a boarding school. Tell me God, would I make new, good friends? Mum said I’d be more busy when I get there and have little time to waste writing. Dear God, I don’t want to stop talking and writing to You, okay? I love You. Yours friendly, Cassy. She could remember her fond opinion of God, she literally took Him as a friend. No good news or incidence happened to her without telling Him first but now, she hasn’t even  talked to Him about her scholarship. She could remember her favorite spot, where she’d sit and look up at the sky, imagining God looking down at her. Most importantly, she could remember that sense of Him, knowing He was always there when she talked. Where had she missed it? It was painful when she remembered how slowly she had let time and friends take her away from Him. She had gotten too busy with school work to have quality time to talk and discuss and gist with Him. Oh yes, she was still a normal Christian but that fondness, that closeness and friendship talk wasn’t there anymore. Oh, how she missed it.

Then, for the first time in a long while, she poured out her heart to Him. Like a child, looking for a lost dear friend she came. She told Him of all the opportunities that had come her way, fully knowing He knew well enough about them and had planned them, of how she had let go of Him and all that had come between. Praying to Him as simply as she could, she began to feel that closeness, just a little. She’d knew she’d have to continue to have those experiences again, to get to love her Friend again.

A tie is a strong connection or bond between two people or group of people. Have you lost your connection with God? Are you going about life with no sense of His presence? Right now is the best time to get along with Him. All He requires is your sincerity and readiness get back with Him. Have you ever been in this state where you were far from God? How did it feel? Did you recover? How did you recover? When you did, what changed? What happened? Share your story so others can learn and turn over to Him.


8 thoughts on “REDITUS

  1. …this intimacy is one true one that words may not accurately describe. It’s an intimacy with the creator brought about by the Holy Spirit presently on earth; who conveys the omnipresence of the most high God….

  2. .. having a closer sense of relationship with Him is my own experience. Getting to know Him better than ever. Talking to Him and seeing His plans come to fruition, it feels like Heaven on earth. It’s great to know God as friend (just like any of your friends you are deeply connected with), you can talk about great things and cool stuff. Things that you’d like to see happen and the best part is that He (unlike some of our friends) never fails to keep His end as long as it aligns with His will. That relationship is possible if you’re yet to come into it. You would feel like crying when you experience His faithfulness.

  3. It is of great interest to know that God is always willing to reconnect back with us. ‘Reditus’, what’s the meaning?

    1. Very true. It sometimes awes me why God would even what to talk to us, even the seemingly little things. Reditus-it’s a Latin name for Return.thanks for asking☺


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