Temi sat behind her desk in her room, a laptop in front of her and a notepad with a pen beside her. Eyes fixed on the screen, she scrolled through her Facebook page with various thoughts roaming through her mind.

‘Wow! She mouthed, still staring at her screen. ‘Is this not Ronke from primary school? How come?’

Ronke had gone on to win the Best female entrepreneur of the Year award. This was just one out of many people she knew who seemed to have achieved something exceptional this year. After scrolling down for a few more minutes, she slammed her system shut, not enough to break the screen though.  It was New Year’s eve and Temi was trying to review how the year had gone. She had set goals at the  beginning of the year and achieved some. But seeing other’s accomplishment and looking at what she was capable of doing, it didn’t seem  like she had done anything significant or remarkable. True, this year, she graduated with a first class and getting a job wasn’t an issue for her, as she already had offers. These were enough to make up twenty-lists of achieved goals, right? No! Not for Temi. She was grateful, neither was she jealous of those who seemed to have done some exceptional things, as she was happy for them but she wanted more. She felt she needed to do something worthwhile.

Slumping over her desk, she raised the notepad up, thinking of what to write. She wanted to plan for the New Year but she was tired of making goals that only left her feeling incapable. Where’s my life plunging to? She stared at the paper, feeling so discouraged to do anything else for the rest of the day and then, she slept off.


Miss Cecilia was quite an accomplished lady; a renowned researcher in world health and a seasoned counselor, who had reached out to those suffering with depression. Her works as a researcher had impacted lives, as she solved health problems around the globe and had helped many lives regain life again. At quite a young age, she had won awards both nationally and internationally.

‘Yea, I’ve been there too, even worse off’. Miss Cecilia nodded knowingly, as she interacted with Temi, who still couldn’t believe she was sitting in front of this lady, who was making wakes around the world. ‘How did she accomplish all these?’ was the question on Temi’s mind.


‘Yea’. Miss Cecilia answered. ‘I got to a point in my life I knew I wasn’t living for anything. It was like there was so much to do and I was getting nothing done. Mind you, I wasn’t idle. I had things going fine for me in school but everything I did seemed like I was scattering tiny seeds for the wind to blow off. I became dejected, it was frustrating. The year seemed to be running out and my life was fleeting with it’. Then, she stopped for a while, as if thinking of something.

‘I don’t want to say too much stories’. She smiled. ‘But with time, God taught me something. As Christians, those who make remarkable impacts in the world are those who learn to listen’.

‘Listen? To what?’

‘Yea, listen. Not just listening to anything, they are listening for divine instruction. I’ve accomplished so much cos I’ve learnt this act. Innovations in science don’t just come like that. Yeah, there are intellectual brains involved, research and all but personally, listening for divine instruction has helped me so much in making record breaking innovations’.

‘How?’ Temi asked, eager to key into this act.

‘First, a new year’s about to start and there’s a promise I’d like you to hold on to. Are you there?’


‘Ohk. It’s from Isaiah 45:3, check it up when you get home. I get awed by that promise anytime I read or think about it. Note this, there’s always an instruction, something to do before an uplifting God gives you. Always, I mean always. And that’s why you must learn to listen, if you desire the promotion and success God gives. There’s something about these divine instructions. Job 11:6 calls it the ‘secret of wisdom’ and Proverbs 1:3 calls it ‘the instruction of wisdom’. I’m not saying the instructions you’d be given are secrets in themselves, no. Sometimes, all God needs to see is your obedience to it’.

‘But how do you deal with these instructions, are they hard, complex or something like that?’

‘Don’t try to specify them cos they vary as God leads. Personally, there are times God prompts me to do something that seems so little and should I say, useless or insignificant to what I am hoping to achieve. Remember when Jesus asked those servants to fill those water pots with water and give to the governor of the feast? Did that sound rational or sensible?’.


‘Adhering to God’s divine instruction doesn’t guarantee fast or quick success o. It doesn’t mean you won’t work, use your brain to think, plan or labour at all. Let me use this analogy to explain. Divine instruction or intuition are like seeds to be planted. They are little and shouldn’t be compared to the harvest or result you’re expecting, if you don’t want to entertain doubts. Seeds don’t look like their fruit, so don’t always expect the divine instruction  to match with what you think you want to achieve. God could be planning something bigger. Now, your work is to plant the seed and tend it well. So, if God directs you to do something, you do it well with what He has made available to you, I mean, your skills, brain, education and the likes, do you get? And of course, you have to wait for the seed to grow. I hope you understand’

‘Yes, thank you so much’ She said. ‘Hmmm…. but I have a question’.

‘Go ahead  dear, ask’.

‘What of those who aren’t Christians, who happen to do great wonderful things? They still achieve, don’t they? They still become successful. I don’t doubt all what you’ve said, but what distinction does this make with them?’

‘That’s a smart and thoughtful question’. Miss Celicia replied. ‘You must understand that there’s a difference between success or achievement and fulfillment. Achievement deals with one’s goals and ambitions, wealth, power or fame but fulfillment deals with purpose, which goes beyond material, earthly things. Anybody can be successful but not everyone who’s successful is fulfilled. Fulfillment has to do with what God has purposed for you to do and that’s why you need Him’.

‘Oh…I see’.

‘Also don’t forget, ‘the secret of the Lord belongs to those who fear Him’.

Back in her room, Temi made a commitment to spend more time listening in the new year, to be alert for God’s instruction’.

Hey! I hope you got a message from here. I don’t know how you feel about this passing year or your life in general. Perhaps you’ve accomplished some few things or nothing at all. Here’s the good news…God has something for you to do this New Year and something to do for you. One divine instruction could be the step to the breakthrough you’re seeking and you living a life of purpose to the greatest. Plan, set goals, aim high but more importantly Get your ears tuned, your heart open and your spirit connected to Him cos He’s waiting to download heavenly secrets…generations are waiting…



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