He was just three months when he came home. Little, cute and afraid. He wouldn’t even enter the house but he hid under the car because he was scared, the environment was new and the faces were different. Eventually he adjusted gradually. I wasn’t there when he first came but I heard the story.

Fortunately, I was around to witness when he’d come to the front of the door and kind of knock so he would be allowed into the house. The worst part? The worst part was when he’d start crying in the night outside, probably out of fright and loneliness.

It was hard then; hard to sleep when you’re hearing that little one cry in the middle of the night and it was loud and we couldn’t just let him in. And then, he’d cry too whenever they were taking his bath. Maybe he was scared of the water or something, I couldn’t tell.

Fast forward to now. Months have passed and Major has grown. He doesn’t cry anymore whenever he’s left outside, although this came gradually, as there were times we’d have to force him to go outside. He loves staying indoors with everybody. In the night, you can hear him scurrying the floor, spoiling and tearing apart buckets or plastics or anything he can lay his hands and teeth on. The look he gives at different times whenever he looks at you is the funniest part of it (I’d talk about this is the posts ahead).

In case you still haven’t guessed who Major is yet, let me tell you. Major is my dog! Tadaaa😄. Sorry for the surprise but yes, that’s who Major is. He’s big now but still little (since he’s not yet up to one years of age but he’s almost though). He’s a cute little thing😍. The one thing that makes everyone laugh in the house, and seems to be everyone’s favorite. It wasn’t like that from the beginning though (I’d let you on that later on). And with the few months we’ve had Major, there are stuffs I have learnt about this wonderful God’s creature and lessons we can learn. Here’s Major🤗

Let me shift from Major now. Why learn lessons from Major even though he’s just an animal?

In the Bible, there’s been various illustrations where we are directed to learn from God’s creation so many times and I believe that’s on purpose because they carry His imprint and signature. I sure wouldn’t make something that is unlike me, something different from what I believe in, one way or the other, you can learn something about me from what I make. And that’s the same way it works with God.

God uses nature and the natural things around us to teach us not just about Himself but about His ways and how He has framed things to be, both the living and non-living things. See what Job said in Job 12:7 “But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee: and the fowls of the air and they shall tell thee.” Obviously, you can’t literally go to an animal and begin to ask him questions; that would look absurd. But Solomon made it clearer what we should do when he said “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise:” we are meant to observe them and learn from them. Same thing Jobs’ friends told him in Job 37:14 “Hearken unto this, O Job: Stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God.”

Do you also know that some of man’s invention is as a result of the observation made on animals? Let me use the most common example: the airplanes. Yes.

If you’ve observed the airplanes look like birds and that’s because the mechanics with which birds are able to take flight in air is what was used and is still being used to improve flight on air by humans. If you’re interested in knowing more about this, you can check out this site: and other related sites too. You can also check out inventions that have been inspired by nature. It’s an interesting read.

So, on this series I’m going to be sharing how the journey with Major has been. Wait, have I told I’m Major’s best friend? Okay, I’m his best friend (I don’t know why, lol). How do I know? I’d tell you later. Have I also told you Major loves beans and anything beans (akara-bean cake, moin-moin,), bread and butter, egg and anything egg (fried, boiled, toasted), rice and stew is one of his favorite and of course, bone! I’d hint you on other fascinating things about him when we come back on the series like what triggers him to bark at you. I guess you’d also find it interesting that he smiles too.

But today’s lesson is all about learning from God’s works and there’s so much to learn. While you’re at home this season, take some time out to just appreciate God by appreciating the beauty of nature and the many lessons we can learn from them and ask God what He can teach you from them.

See you later!

Did you learn something from today’s series? Do you have an experience with animals to share?

Feel free to use the like, share buttons and the comment box. God bless you. Please stay safe too.


15 thoughts on “MAJOR’S HOME!

  1. Wow
    Twas a nice read..
    Yeah I’ve learnt something, learn to appreciate God’s creature.
    Thanks for this sis and my regards to Major😊

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have severally observed animals of different specie and one thing i’ve did observed from them is that they are never idle. They are always engaged in one thing or the other. Most often, it is the search for food. For example the rats; they never sit in a position, idle; rather they are always on the run for food or something to carry or tear. Lol.
    However, what i have learnt from animals is that i should never choose to be idle all in the name of seeking comfort. Because i wasn’t made for idleness. So if the animals, creatures lower than man, ensure they get something doing, then i should do more, and mine should be worthwhile, you know, mind blowing because i’ve got a brain.

  3. Wow!!!!
    How could I have forgotten taht you had a dog named MAJOR. Chai!!!

    What an interesting thought and lesson you’ve got here.

    Yh I’ve learnt from this, keep on appreciating God’s creation and also the wonders and wonderful things he has made because they are all special to him just as we are to God.
    Just like in the days of Noah he cared for humans and he also cared for the animals.

    I’ve always wished I had a dog but it’s not allowed not everyone likes it at home,well mostly my Dad.

    I’ll love to see him one day 😊.
    Let us know what triggers him to bark.
    MAJOR is really eating healthy too.
    How do you know or how can you tell you’re his best friend.
    Keep it up.

    1. 😄😄😄 yea, Seyi remembered though
      No problem, when you’re around you’d see him
      They’d come to love him with time if they eventually agree. Dogs are loveable and loving

      Yea, thanks sis. God cares about animals too.
      For the questions, don’t worry, watch out for the next post.

  4. What a nice read it is!.. Excellent work, Tosin!

    I also have a few experiences with these beautiful God’s creatures. And I tell you, they’re wonderful when patiently and lovingly observed.

    I met a cat at my Uncle’s place when we traveled one time.. I was still quite young then, but the memory is still fresh.
    Personally, I don’t like cats cos of the scary look they give.. Lol.
    We arrived at their house at night and the first thing to meet me at the entrance was their cat… Gosh!! I was going to run away!😂

    Long story short, this cat and I became friends -and I mean very good friends – in a very short time. It would always stay very close to me everytime. We ate together (if I can say that… Lol) At a time, one would almost think I was the one who owned it.
    And it’s wonderful, as I think of it, how most animals are eager to make friends with us even when we try to withdraw ourselves from them..

    I await the subsequent episodes.
    Great work Ma’am!

    1. Awwwh… I’m sure you had a very wonderful experience with the cat. Especially the eating together, I can imagine😁

      Yea I must say they’re very eager to be our friends and they make for excellent friends. I believe they’re one of God’s gift to man

      Thanks for sharing Cephas. I really enjoyed your narrative!

  5. Wow nice write-up. God bless you in JESUS MIGHTY NAME.
    Lesson learnt: God can use things around you to speak to you.
    Awaiting the next series 😀

  6. Amazing writeup. We have a lot to learn from all of God’s creatures. Will be waiting for the remaining series


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