She sunk into the ground as she was being buried. She couldn’t imagine how life turned out like this; she thought she’d found love, who promised her that he’d make her into that beautiful one she never thought she’d be. Why did he raise her hope and get it dashed? How come her life was ending this way?
Slowly, she steeped into the ground, with the lights fading quickly away. She thought that was the end but alas, that was only the beginning.
Suddenly, as quickly as she thought she’d be dead, a mystical thing began to happen. Right before her eyes, her body began to shake and change. ‘What’s happening to me?’ she thought, more afraid. ‘Couldn’t death just come swift and quick?’ She was feeling weird like never before and she couldn’t understand the feeling.
Just then, strange parts began to come out of her and all of a sudden, the earth above her gave way. She could see the light! Something within her caused her to push towards the light and up and up she went, reaching higher towards the sky. What was she becoming? She looked down to see her frame. She had transformed into that beautiful one she never thought she’d be, bigger and stronger than she’d imagined. She looked up at the sky and saw her love smiling back at her. Now, she understood. That in the dark of the ground is the burying, the breaking, and then the budding.
-Eulogy of the seed

©Tosin Oladejo 2018
Yes! Back to reality!
Our darkest moments most times, prove to be our breaking point, the defining period where our real selves are made. One way or the other we are like the seed or should be like one. In the reality of things, we are mostly made in the dark. What do I mean by the dark? In the seclusion of our own world, in the blinds of our feelings, away from the preying eyes of men; deep down in the dark of our innate passions, where only God knows what happens beneath, is where we are formed. The dark seems to be the place where we are often left alone, lonely, to face life’s reality.
It is a pity so many people run away from this stage, without knowing this is the first and most important phase. For if the roots and buds are not formed properly in the ground, even if the tree eventually germinates, how well and strong will it grow? Have you noticed that it is the plant that spends the longest time beneath that grows the biggest and strongest? Many seek for the light too soon, the fame and applaud too early and they don’t last long. The world was formed from darkness and so were you. Surprised? Your mum’s womb didn’t have light, did it?
So many people focus on their public life, what people see or what is portrayed outside, without knowing that the true substance of a person or thing is what’s inside, in the dark. Focus more on your private life, because that’s what really matters; that’s what makes what people see on the outside. Note, you’re not to remain in darkness, from nature we see, that every thing made in the dark (the seed to the tree, the world from deep darkness, you from the womb) bursts forth into light and life. Don’t despise those dark moments, the breaking times and the lonely seasons but in them, look to the One who sees within and knows how to make beautiful trees from the dark and depths of the ground.
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  1. I know this is coming late but I was watching something and my mind came back to this. What is this experience like? Please if you can at your convenience explain.

    1. Hello
      It’s quite relative, that is, it’s not a specific experience
      But it can apply to situations where things are looking blink, uncertain of not going as expected or planned.


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