“The more you observe nature, the more you perceive that there is tremendous organization in all things. It is an intelligence so great that just by observing natural phenomena I come to the conclusion that a Creator exists”. Carlo Rubbia-winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics.


Nature is all about God; His creativity, awesomeness and originality. It is a known fact that the works of a man depict the nature of that man; so does Nature depicts God’s nature. It is God’s fingerprint, revealing the pattern of God’s ways and how He designed things to be. Nature reveals God’s authenticity when we look close enough and so, we can learn God’s minds and ways from His works; for His works reflects who He is, what He stands for and how He views things. Psalm 19:1 says it best “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth His handiwork”.

Join me in this series “NATURE’S NOTES”, as I embark on learning life’s lessons and God’s mind in life’s situation, portrayed to us through His works.


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