2:30 pm!

Whew! The sense of relief I felt at that moment hen!

Sitting on one spot for over an hour without moving an inch wasn’t beans. When I mean moving an inch, I don’t mean moving out of the seat o. Like I had to stay put, careful not to move the parts of my body much.

As if that was not enough, the messy, slimy liquid in form of hair treatment was spilling over me (who sent me?).

So recently I decided to take care of my hair and treat it (some goals right?) and this time around I decided to experiment with egg.

Possibly I didn’t apply it right because the slimy liquid kept spilling over me even though I had sealed my hair with nylon and a shower cap. So consequently I literally couldn’t afford to move much at that moment.

I had to sit still for an hour.

In a bid not to waste time just sitting there, I decided to engage in something that wouldn’t require me moving, so I listened to an online course. Oh before I forget, I still wrote (that’s some movement there right?) but I was careful.

Did that help my apprehensive mood? A little, not too much though because almost every minute or five, I kept checking the time to see if it was one hour already (lol). It wasn’t funny then though.

Eventually, one hour came. But what surprised me?

It was the fact that one hour came and rolled by, just like that. I can’t say if I became so conscious of the time because I was checking it often or because of what I was listening to, which quite differently, seemed to be taking forever. The connectivity wasn’t good, so the video kept loading and loading. That was quite annoying though.

But I learnt something, which I know we all know but sometimes forget to take into consideration; the fact that every minute counts! Every single minute!

This is a new year and a new month and the clock’s ticking away already. Everything seems new right?

Well, the truth is, before you know it, it’s the middle of the year and the next minute we’re greeting ourselves ‘Merry Christmas’.

Time slips so fast, whether we’re doing anything or not.

What then should we do? Sit back and watch it go? No! you have to take charge of your own time and what you do with it.

It’s a new year and I believe we’ve set goals we’d like to achieve before the year runs out but when is the best time to start achieving them? NOW!

Make sure no moment is wasted on frivolities and unnecessary things.

Personally, I tried to check up the things that eat up my time and cut them off. You should too.

Make conscious, deliberate effort.

There’s also a strategy I thought of trying out in hitting those goals and that is to spend at least an hour each day on activities I find profitable and valuable in achieving my goals.

Another more important facet that came to mind is this verse “But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day” 2 Peter 3:8. It portrays how God views time.

Time is just a part of eternity; the more reason we should make the time we have count and also make it count for the things God counts important. Time is not going to be there forever. It’s only for a moment.

My main nuggets:
*Appropriate your time to useful activities each day
*Spend time doing what will matter in eternity, after you’re dead and the real life begins
*Let God be in total control of your time
*Let every moment count

I hope you found this post helpful

I’d love to know plans you’ve made to effectively use your time. Gracias. God bless.


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