Maami looked at me in anger. It was frustrating enough to get something new in place of an old, important one and then the new one ends up not working; so I understood Maami’s angry frown.

‘I thought you said it’s not working?’ She asked for the umpteenth time, after Kenny affirmatively said the opposite.

Feeling frustrated myself, I said ‘Okay bring it, let me try it in your presence’. After a few twists and turns, it still didn’t work but gave only a disgruntled sound. With the look of things it seemed I was damaging it the more instead.

‘But I gave it to Kenny and he said it’s working perfectly well’. Maami replied, with an angry frown on her face.

‘Well, let’s call Kenny and see’ I said. ‘I’m very sure the instrument is bad’. I’m not sure if that came out right but then that was the truth, I thought.

‘Kenny o, oya’. I called out to my twin brother. ‘Come and test the machine’. So, Kenny took it and didn’t do anything special. All he did was press a button and a twist and the machine started working. Maami gave me a stare that was all but good and I, I couldn’t think of what to say. I had tried my hands on that thing for so long and in less than a minute, Kenny had it on.

‘So….’ Maami said, like she was waiting for an explanation. All I could do was sign and go into my room. The problem wasn’t the machine, the problem was me! My hands weren’t skillful enough to handle it.

You’re just like that instrument and the most important thing is in whose hands you are. The usefulness of that machine was dependent on the hand it was, whether a skilled one or a deficient one. God made you and has the highest qualification and perfect ability to make use of you to your greatest potential. The best and wisest thing to do is to give yourself to Him. God can do much more with you than you could ever think of doing yourself. One thing I’ve discovered personally is when I include God in something I do, ask Him for a specific instruction to take, it doesn’t just come out right, it comes out bigger and better than I could ever imagine.

How about that thing you have in your hands? The five loaves of bread and two fishes in the hands of the small lad in John 6:9 were of little or no significance in feeding the large multitude of people but in the hands of Jesus brought about the miraculous. Sometimes, it’s not about what you have but in whose hands they are. The rod of Moses seemed useless to him and the sling of David was like a kid’s joke in defeating the giant, the difference was in whose hands they were. These people were fully submitted to God and then the mighty hands of God wrought miracles through the instruments they had in their hands. What’s it you’ve got? It may look worthless, insignificant, little or insufficient for what it is you have to do or accomplish, just hand it over to God. When you give or hand things over to God, you’ll get this multiplicative effect, where you get results beyond your own human, natural abilities.


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