She shines in her prime
For that is the best of her time
Her worth is not measured by the sun
She comes out in due season, when the night calls

You may not be as bright as the sun
You may not shine out when everyone’s out
But you could be just that glow of majesty
That silver tone of light in the sky
That brightens up the night
Just when the day is dark

So don’t limit your shine
To only when there’s a crowd
Because you were made for a season special
Just when there’s no more light
To show your shine

Just if you’re wondering when twill be your time
To show the best that you have
Know there’s always a timing
And this can only happen in your prime
Even the sun doesn’t shine out in the sky everytime
Everyone has their seasons, everyone has their time

So get down into the space of your world
Work out your worth before the night comes
For in the work of things and seasons of time
Your time will come and the question will be
‘Are you prepared?
To show forth your shine when it’s the time of your prime’
-Allegory of the moon
© Oladejo Oluwatosin 2019

Hello there! Have you ever stayed outside, sitting, walking or just outside in the night and a full moon was shining? Have you felt the beauty of having the light from the moon illuminate the night sky? Or are you among those who in the hustle and bustle of our current-day world have failed to appreciate nature and the beauty of God’s own works? Do take out time one of these days to do so.

Although the moon doesn’t shine as bright as the sun during the day, it sure has its own ‘mystic’ effect in the night. In my own opinion, the moon doesn’t need to be seen as inferior to the sun, because it is serving its own purpose in its time and season and neither should you! You were made for a season and the earlier you realize it, the better for you. If the moon was to stand side by side with the sun, trying to measure it’s worth by the sun’s brightness, it would sure lose sight of its own purpose and special timing in the night.

The damn of many is when they compare themselves with other’s achievement, measure their worth with other’s accomplishment or feat and pull themselves down trying to meet up with the world’s expectation and ideology of time and purpose. Unfortunately, God doesn’t work in such climes; just as He made the moon for a peculiar time so He’s made us. God has a timing for your life; a timing for every stage of your life. the best you can do is work on yourself, discover your own worth in God, living up to His expectations and in due time, you’d surely shine! Just ask Joseph.


15 thoughts on “In Her Prime

  1. Wow!!
    I love this
    Discover your time, discover your Purpose, discover yourself and run with it, dnt have an eye on others, otherwise you end up a failure.
    Thanks for this Sis.
    More Grace.

  2. Thanks sis tosin, really needed this right now. Just a fwe seconds ago I was feeling the same way, but I guess he had a message through you all along. More grace sis. God bless.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that.
      Yea, God is interested in our uplifting and rising, it’s all a matter of TIME as we walk with Him
      Amen. Gracias🙂

  3. Awesome piece from you…Many go about wrongly comparing themselves to other meanwhile God got smtn bigger for them..more ink to your pen sis…keep transforming mindset.

  4. This is awesome… indeed, we have a time to shine our shine, hence we should not be disturbed by other people’s shine, knowing fully well that we’ll have our time….


    Thanks so much sis, God bless you real good

    By the way I’m Joseph, just ask me…


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