“Sayo!” Busola entered into the one room apartment she and her friend shared together. Dropping her bag on the sofa, she turned her attention to her. “Didn’t you see me?”

Sayo laid on the couch, her eyes glued to the screen of her phone. Her face twisted into a frown with only mumbled sounds coming out from her mouth in response.

“What’s with this attitude you’re putting up?” Busola stood akimbo.

“Do unto others as you want them to do to you.” Sayo replied sarcastically, turning her face to the other side. Busola breathed out, shutting her eyes for a few seconds, then she sat beside her friend.

“Alright. What did I do now?” She places her hands on Sayo’s shoulders, pulling it back and forth.

“Since last week, Busola, last week!” Sayo faced her friend for a few minutes and turned back to her phone.

“I don’t understand.” Busola said. “We’ve been in this house all through the week and we’ve been talking all along. What suddenly went wrong?” Busola was trying to keep her emotions under control, wondering what could warrant Sayo’s sudden outburst.

“Okay, since you don’t want to admit you know.” Sayo dropped her phone beside her and sat up, facing Busola. “How about the ten thousand naira I asked for?”

Busola’s face swirled with surprise for a few seconds and then she burst out laughing. “Really? Sayo? Is this why you’ve been reacting? Didn’t I tell you I would give it to you?”

“Since last week, Busola.” Sayo shook her head. “And you knew how desperately I needed it and I still do. The registration is closing tomorrow morning.”

“Wait, wait. How is this any of my fault? I’m still not getting you.” Busola stated. “You asked me for money and I said I was going to give you, didn’t I?”

“But you haven’t.” Sayo replied, standing up angrily and walking towards the door.

“You didn’t remind me of the money since you told me last week Friday.”

“Were you supposed to forget? I told you how badly I needed it.”

Placing her hands on her waist, Busola said “I didn’t forget. In fact, I’ve withdrawn the money already to give you but I was waiting for you to remind me of it.”

“For a whole week, Busola! So you wanted me to come begging for it again?”

“No.” Busola stood up to move towards her friend. “I needed to know how much you needed that money. What if I had forgotten? Shouldn’t you have reminded me? For a whole week you didn’t say anything about it, so I thought you weren’t interested in the money anymore. I still withdraw the money anyways, just in case you changed your mind this night. Here it is.”

“Awwwh.” The lines curved up into a frown on Sayo’s face were quickly replaced with a grin. “Thank you Busola. I’m sorry I reacted that way.”

“It’s alright. But next time remind me. Don’t just assume I don’t want to give it to you.”

“Yes, ma.” Sayo said, planting a kiss on her friend’s kiss, pulling her into a hug.

“And come to think of it, this reminds me of a verse that was impressed on my heart this morning. I didn’t understand why then but now I do.” Busola said.

“Which verse is that?”

“Ezekiel 36:36 and 37. I will just say the tail end of verse 36 ‘I the LORD have spoken it, and I will do it. Thus saith the Lord GOD; I will yet for this be enquired of by the house of Israel, to do it for them; I will increase them with men like a flock.”

“Okay? What about it?”

“Remember the dream I said I had about the business idea I got that really blew?”


“I was very certain it was from God. I had the confirmation in my spirit the moment I woke up that that was something God was going to do for me this year.”

“Don’t you believe Him again?”

“That’s the point, I do. But this is the end of the year and nothing close to that has happened. I was thinking about it yesterday night wondering why, and then this morning the Holy Spirit dropped this verse.”

“Hmmm, so what does it mean in this case?”

“I didn’t remind God.” Busola smiled. “Not that God forgot His promise but I was supposed to go back to Him and remind Him of what He had said. I literally didn’t even pray about it. I thought since God was the One who said He would do it, not that I even asked in the first place, then it would happen automatically. But with this verse, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes and gave me understanding.”

“Hmmm.” Sayo nodded her head.

“God requires me to enquire of Him for the fulfillment of His promise, something sort of a checkup. You know, like asking God ‘Daddy, how far? What’s up with what You said the other time?’, you get right?”

“Yeaaah. Very true.” Sayo replied.

“Yea, so I’m going to do that right away.”

Has God given you a promise? Have you spoken a prayer request in Your Father’s ears? It doesn’t stop there. Although God had given a promise through the prophecy of Jeremiah that after seventy years the children of Israel would leave Babylon, Daniel still had to pray for the fulfillment of that promise and so do you.

God has given a word, still ask Him about it. Don’t get tired until you see it come into reality. Besides, it’s not too late in the year to remind God of that one thing He promised you. It doesn’t take God a second to work wonders; all He needs is your faith. Selah!

On a lighter note, have you been in a situation where someone got offended for the same reason as Sayo did to Busola? Do you think it’s justifiable? I’d like to know. If you also have experiences of reminding God of His promises and the result, share with us!


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