‘Time is running out! The clock is ticking fast!’ Helen complained, as she paced impatiently around the courtyard. The serene environment with flowers around didn’t catch her attention at all, not even the waterfall that trickled softly. Staring at the portrait of a grand building in front of her, her mind raced as she remembered the delays she’d faced, the disappointments and unexpected turns.

‘Says who, daughter?’ An old man behind her said.

‘But Papa, how long? The building isn’t completed yet’. She moaned

‘You only have the picture of the building, do you have the plan?’ The old man asked.

‘I have the picture, I can build the house’.

‘Hmmm…. You can’t build the house without the plan’. Helen didn’t want to hear any of that. She looked up at the sky and it seemed the clouds were moving swiftly to their  own destination.

‘But why?’ She retorted.

‘If you make haste to build the house yourself without proper planning and execution by the experts, you’d end up causing damage. This will cause you more time to repair and some will remain irreparable. Do you want that?’

She sat down sobbing, her head in her palms ‘Tessy has gotten married; Naomi has her own children, why am I still waiting?’

‘Daughter’ the old man said calmly. ‘Have you seen their picture? Are they similar to yours? Why then do you compare yourself with them?’

‘Papa, this is the seventh year since you showed me this picture, why is it taking so long? Will it ever get finished?’ She quizzed.

‘Have you forgotten that the race is not to the swift? Come, let’s walk. There’s something you must understand’. The old man replied, as they both walked through the courtyard. Helen just noticed the flowers around, surprisingly.

‘ You are the building’.

‘Me? How?’ she asked. ‘I don’t get. I thought my future is what you’re trying to build’.

He smiled and said ‘It’s you I’m working on. Your future is only a result of who you become. You have to understand that’.

Looking at the picture, he said,  ‘Yes, there is a picture, but the building process isn’t one to be hasty about. That’s way you’re going through all these’. She stopped for a while to ponder on what the old man had said.

‘I’m still confused. What does the picture or what you’re doing on me as you say have to do with what I’m going through?  Do you know the hurt I feel, the shame I’ve faced, the uncertainty and fear of tomorrow? All these unexpected shifts and turns, the swirly ups and downs, are they also part of the plan?’ She asked.

‘Yes’. The old man replied. ‘They are part of the building process. Every circumstance and challenge you face is put there to either correct something in you or build you up’.

‘But seven years?’

‘Take note, daughter’. He said, turning to her. ‘I do not waste time on any project I work on, though it may seem slow. Every phase you pass in life is for a purpose. Look at Joseph, he faced a disappointment when he was forgotten in the prison by the cupbearer. But out of that disappointment, I made an appointment for his uplifting. Do you think the battles David faced were just to pass the time? No. I had a purpose for his making’.

‘Ok Papa. What do I do now?’ She asked.

‘Wait patiently. This is a warning and an admonition. Don’t try to run ahead of me or fix things yourself. Remember, you don’t have the plan, I do ’. He answered. ‘At the appointed time, I will bring it to pass. The vision, that picture you see, will not tarry. It will surely come to pass. Also remember, you have to make yourself fully surrendered and open to me during the waiting period. Do you understand daughter?

‘Yes Papa’. She replied, as she took a look at the picture. Before she could turn around to face him, he had gone.

Just then, she woke up. She had cried herself to sleep, kneeling beside her bed. She had been too sad and burdened to pray, considering all she had gone through but now, she understood better. She made a resolution to wait for His perfect timing, giving herself wholly to Him, knowing full well He’d surely bring the picture to pass. As she mused over all she had heard, the picture remained fresh in her mind.

Has God given you a promise? Are you facing challenges and going under clouds that seem to cover up the picture and plan God has for you? Wait for Him. He’s never late. He’s always on time. It may seem nothing is happening but as long as you’re in His hands, He’s working on you to make you perfectly fit for the future He’s planned for you. It is well. It will surely come to pass.


28 thoughts on “HIS PLAN IN MY BUILDING

  1. Nice on…. God really has good plans for us all. All we need to do is sit back and watch it come to pass. Wait for the perfect time. Never mind what people say or do to you. Rely on Him. The master builder of our lives.

  2. God is the architect and project manager of our lives. He has designed a beautiful future for us. Let’s always follow His steps and clear directions. He has the blueprints.
    Thank you Tosin for the words of encouragement. God bless you.

  3. Eph 2:20-22 “And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone

    In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord: In whom ye also are builded together for an habitation of God through the Spirit.”

    Hello sis,
    Just thought this might help.


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