Episode 3


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This is the third episode of the short story series: FOREVER-A Journey into God. Just in case you haven’t read the previous episode, you can click here.

It was evening. The golden ray of the sun streamed from the window blinds, reflecting on Tolani’s face. She was sitting up in bed. It was getting tiresome staying in the hospital, but for now, she had no choice. She was still in shock, although not as much as when she woke up from the coma. Her dad and mum had just left her side for home. She missed her dad; saw the look of sadness but she could tell he wasn’t angry at her. His words had been few as if he was trying to say more with his emotions than his mouth.

‘I love you, Tolani.’ Were the words he said before he rose to go. The conversation had been awkward, with Tolani refusing to answer most of her mum’s questions or look directly into her father’s eye. She had been his pride. She didn’t know about now.

Her thoughts drifted from her parents to the doctor, Dr. Nelson, and the last conversation they had.

Was all that happened to her part of what God had written about her? If yes, why? And besides, after how she’d had served Him, is this what she got? She was trying hard to keep the thoughts of bitterness from spreading around her heart. Hot tears stung her face.

“Tolani” the door opened. ‘Not now’ she thought. She tried to wipe her tears but it was too late.

“Are you crying?” Dr. Nelson said. She had forgotten he mentioned he was coming to check her in the evening.

“Good afternoon.” She said.

“How are you feeling today?” He asked, with concern in his voice.

“Okay?” She replied.

“Tolani” he called softly. “How long will you let this get a hold of you?”

“As long as God proves to me He’s God.” She blurted out without thinking. She hadn’t realized how much hurt she felt, until now. She cast a glare at him, expecting to see a shocked expression; instead, he appeared so calm it looked like he had been expecting it.

He took a seat and sat down. There were a few minutes of silence. What was he thinking?

“How real is God to you?” Tolani faced him. ‘How real is God to her?’ Did what she said sound like she was an atheist? Was he thinking she didn’t even believe God exists?

He must have sensed her thoughts because he added “I mean, how do you view Him in reality? Who is He to you? What do you see Him as, practically?”

Tolani rested her back and closed her eyes. No one had ever asked her those questions and she didn’t think she had any reason to even ask herself. Right from childhood, she had been taught about God. But in the light of all that had happened to her, all those things didn’t seem real, they felt like a fairy tale which she was made to believe.

“I don’t know.” She said. Better to sit on the fence than fall headlong at the side.

“Then we have to settle that first.” He said. “Tolani, it doesn’t matter if the sun is shining bright and clear or the storm is raging fierce and hard, your perspective of God is what will see you through any experience. I understand how you feel. It’s normal. But whatever you face shouldn’t change your notion about God, especially in the negative light. Instead, it should draw you closer to Him and cause you to know Him more.”

“But Dr. Nelson.” Tolani’s voice cracked as she spoke. She was trying hard to keep the tears from falling. “For all the years I’d served God, just one mistake of going to a party cost me this? Why didn’t He spare me? I don’t understand how I’m supposed to see or know Him in all of these.”

“He that cometh to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seeks Him, sounds familiar?”

What? Was she hearing him well?

“Are you trying to say this is God’s reward for serving Him?”

“No, Tolani. I’m not saying it was God’s desire for this to happen to you. Not at all. But sometimes God allows some events in our lives to open our eyes to His reality.”

“Tolani.” He sighed. “God is calling you to a journey. A journey into Him. But first, you’ve got to believe that HE IS. That beyond any situation He Is who He says He is. He wants to reveal Himself to you, I strongly believe that but you have to diligently seek Him, not just serve Him. He’s waiting for you. When you are ready to go on this journey, He’d be right there.”

“Not just serve Him” the words rang in her ears after Dr. Nelson had checked her and gone. Was that all she had been doing? Like young Samuel in the Bible who didn’t know God but served in the temple, was that how she had been with God all these years?

‘God is calling you on a journey.’ Came to mind as she thought of all the doctor had said. A journey? To Him? How was she supposed to go about that?

“He said I have to seek Him.” She said to herself. Was it beyond praying? How else was she supposed to seek Him than she had been doing before? What exactly was God requiring from her?

“God, I’m ready.” She didn’t know how else to indicate her readiness than to just say it. Besides, she was curious to know how God was going to lead her on this journey, a journey to knowing Him and seeing Him in reality, not just serving Him. She knew at this time she’d just have to trust Him.

Hello there. Are you like Tolani, living the church life but having no real sense of God? You are not an atheist but You’ve not come to the reality, the realness of His existence. The truth is, God is the One to bring you into this reality but only if you seek Him. He wants to take you on a journey to know Him.

And whatever situation you’ve faced or are currently facing that’s making you doubt God, that’s the devil’s lie. You have to first believe HE IS to start this journey. The truth is, God wants to become more real to you than your very self. Follow me on this journey as He leads, but first, start by indicating your willingness to Him. Tell Him you’re ready. If you’ve not known Him as Saviour, now is the time.

I’d love to know your thoughts about this episode in the comment section. You could summarise what you learned or gained or got in a sentence or two. See you later!


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  1. Wow!
    Those questions asked by the doctor were just on point
    One really needs to know her stand/status in Christ and not just serving him but being intentional about it by journeying through life with him!

    Thanks sis I got value!
    More grace.


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