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FOREVER- A Journey into God

EPISODE 1-Introduction

“Here is your script.” The Director handed the piles of papers to a disgruntled Tolani. The whole environment was serenely quiet, quite opposite to the rumbling that was going on in Tolani’s head. 

Without taking a look at them, she said “I can’t play this role. Let me choose the role I’ll play myself.”

Calmly the director replied, clearly understanding her disheaveness, “You are not the director, neither are you the scriptwriter. Your job is to play the role given to you perfectly and not to decide it.” 

Tolani stared down at the script, frowning. ‘How was she supposed to do this?’ 

“Your costumes are over there.” The Director said, clearly ignoring her reactions. “Do not misplace them or change them for another. They are specific to your role and it’s only you who is supposed to play it.” 

Giving up seeing she had no choice, she turned over the scripts given to her. ‘Married woman ke?! Missionary?! What kind of a joke is this?’

“I don’t understand anything in this paper!” She moaned to herself. 

“Attention everyone!” The Director called out. “You all have your various roles although you are not the only ones on the scene. You don’t need to bother about the other person’s part; just play yours well and you’d be fine. Remember, the play is not about you; it’s about the story.” 

Slouching on the chair, Tolani decided to accept her fate. Out of curiosity, she turned to the end of the script to see how the story would end. What she saw shocked her.

“What kind of a play is this?” She asked. Instead of seeing ‘THE END’ at the tail end of the page, she saw


‘Which story ends with just the beginning?’ 

“Director, what’s the meaning of this?” 

He smiled and said “The story’s already been written but you have to play it out to reality. There is a power in your hands that you still don’t realise yet. The scripts in your hands are the true essence of what you’re worth. You do not have any choice to decide the role to play but you have a choice to play it or not.The story itself is not the end, it is a means to the beginning.” 

Tolani stared at him, still confused. 

“The mystery in the story will be fully understood when you begin to play your part. Get ready, Tolani, you’re about to start the journey to FOREVER…”

FOREVER? What did that mean? She stood up and tried to move but instead her feet didn’t touch the ground. ‘What’s going on here’. She began to feel light, her sight blurry, and she was feeling drowsy. ‘I can’t feel anything’ she heard herself say, in fact she wasn’t sure who was speaking, except that it sounded like her voice. 


“Tolani! Tolani!” Mrs Olaide rushed to the side of her daughter.

The smell of drugs and aspirin nauseated Tolani as she tried to get a grasp of where she was, everything was still looking fussy. She looked down at her hands, expecting the smoosh feel of wood pulp; what she felt instead was the drip inserted into her arm. Why was she here? Had she fallen from the theatre and landed in the hospital? How come she felt so light? Where was the script? What happened?!

Welcome to this life-changing series ‘FOREVER- A Journey into God’. It promises to be revolutionary as God will lead and His Spirit will precede into this journey. 

See you in the next episode of ‘FOREVER-A Journey into God’ short story series😊

By the way, can you guess what happened? I’d love to know what you think


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