Oluwatosin: It’s a good day! and I’m back! Thanks to all those who have been following the review and you’re just joining us, you can check out the previous post here. For today’s review I have a very wonderful friend with me. Can we know you, please?

Ololade: Hello everyone! I am Ololade Joy OSO. I’m a final year student of Computer Science Education, University of Benin.

I’m a daughter of God and I pride myself to be the apple of God’s eye. I also love writing and look forward to going deeper in writing Christian articles. In addition, I love children. I believe laying the right foundation and training up the child in the way of the Lord is so paramount and as well, determines the future of the society. I’m particularly interested in helping children live out their best lives. I’m also convinced that children were definitely not left out in living for God and walking in His ways. Therefore, I love seeing children who are on fire for Him and love Him so passionately.

I enjoy reading, writing, meditating and watching YouTube.

Finally, I desire to see young’uns living for God and seeing Christianity as beyond religion. I long to see young people go beyond having head knowledge to actually having a relationship with their Creator.

Oluwatosin: Beautiful! Now to the first question of this discourse: From Temi’s dad’s call at this moment when she was in danger, what can you say about him? Any lessons for parents and guardians?


 Hmm, yes! Temi’s dad was definitely sensitive and discerning. Parents and Guardians should find this worthy of emulation. Even till date, my mum still senses and warns me against something I intend doing without me telling her anything. I particularly remember a time my sister was thinking of going somewhere outside school during her university days, even though she hadn’t informed my mum who wasn’t even living in the same environment with her, yet my mum called her and advised her not to go anywhere.

I believe that this is also possible in the place of communing with the Holy Spirit. The more we commune with the Holy Spirit in the place of prayer and the word, the more we become sensitive to His nudging. In addition, God should be able to trust parents and Guardians to stand in the gap when a situation arises. Yes, there is the place of natural instincts that comes as a parent, but when it comes to training and raising children that has been entrusted into their care by God to their place of destinies, it definitely goes beyond instincts. Therefore, parents and Guardians should take more seriously and deliberately the raising of their children by constantly praying for them too.

Oluwatosin: I really love the practical example you gave of your mum. It sure drives the point home. Thanks for sharing. Remember when Sis Ruth approached Bro Taiwo and challenged him? What can you say about that? As Christians, what can we learn from Sis Ruth in this scenario?

Ololade: Yes, we must not help others to cover their sins. Apparently, bro Taiwo was trying to evade the question but Sis Ruth immediately challenged him based on what the Holy Spirit had told her. Also, Sis Ruth obviously spoke by the utterance of the Holy Spirit. It was said from the story, that she had asked the Holy Spirit to help her while conversing with bro Taiwo. Therefore, as Christians, before we embark on such delicate assignments, we must make sure to seek the face of the Lord for insight as to the issue going on. We must ask the Holy Spirit for help in discerning whatever situation on ground. After, we are not meant to cower down or try not to expose perpetrators of evil. In fact, in doing this, we are helping this people to see the need for their salvation or restoration. If sis Ruth hadn’t challenged him and let things be, he probably wouldn’t come to the realization of the helpless and terrible state he was in.

Oluwatosin: Yes, very true. From Bro Taiwo’s narration, what was the beginning of his falling away? Any lesson for us there?

Ololade: Impatience. Unfortunately, this is one of the obstacles many heaven bound Christians will face. But we must run with patience the race that has been set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith. God had shown bro Taiwo the future, how He wanted to use Him for His glory, but bro Taiwo became impatient and went ahead of God which led to a great catastrophe. As Christians, we must learn to trust God because Faithful is He who has called us, who also will do it. We must learn to wait on Him, receive strength and simply trust Him because God’s ways are definitely not our ways. Also God’s timing is completely different from ours.

Also, I’ll like to add here, that the motive and focus should be God. The motive should not be to become popular and well known. This can fuel impatience in us. Our gaze should be fixed on Jesus as we wait on Him to perform that which He has promised. When our gaze shifts from glorifying God to glorifying self, impatience is inevitable as it would look like as if God was being too slow. Therefore when God gives us a vision and shows us the blueprint of our future, we must lay aside every weights that so easily besets us, that is wrap itself tightly around us that will prevent us from running the race to the very end. It is because the ultimate goal is to run well and finish so that like Paul, we would be able to say ‘I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”

Oluwatosin: hmmm, rightly said, sis. What is the right response when we feel the nudging of the Spirit in her hearts, even when it seems nothing is wrong from face value?

Ololade: Hmm, we must learn to trust. Trust is believing even when we can’t see the slightest physical evidence. Also, we must learn to obey. Sometimes, these nudgings may look seemingly illogical but it isn’t ours to decide whether it makes sense or not, our responsibility here is to obey. In addition, I think it’s important to note that whenever we receive nudgings from the Holy Spirit about something that bares completely no resemblance to the physical state of that thing, we should learn to obey promptly. We shouldn’t try to think it over in my minds as to whether it makes sense or not. This is because, sometimes the devil uses this avenue to plant seeds of doubt that will make us to shake our head and convince ourselves that it doesn’t make sense or that it wasn’t the Holy Spirit but our minds playing tricks on us. I’ll give an example.

There was a time I perceived it in my spirit to reach out someone who I hardly had contact with, this was someone that wasn’t even in the same country that I am. I just perceived that I should reach out to her and basically speak words of encouragement. I struggled with it, rolled it over in my mind and thought about it. If I recall well, I basically didn’t have total peace. Finally, after some time, I did it and sent words of encouragement to her. In fact, I was ready to look awkward but surprisingly when this person replied, she told me I basically spoke (of course through the Holy Spirit, obviously not my words) the struggles going on in her heart and all. Therefore, please learn to trust and obey when the Spirit of God nudges you to do something. Also, do it promptly because there just might be a sense of urgency at that time. Just imagine if sis Ruth hadn’t stood in the gap for Temi when she had that dream.

Oluwatosin: Yes! Promptness to the Holy Spirit’s nudging is key! “A bee will always get attracted to the flowers now.” Daniel said, laughing “So you can’t blame them that much.” If you were Bro Seun how would you see this or is this the best answer Daniel should have given him?

Ololade: No, it wasn’t. Daniel took the whole thing as a joke when he should have advised him as a brother in the Lord to wane them off with wisdom. He should have told him to pray about it and not in any way encourage the sisters. In addition, it’s possible that bro Seun (from the statement made by Daniel) could have seen himself as a “Fine and have it all” brother and as such expect sisters to flock around him, which would have led to pride and would have caused his downfall.

Oluwatosin: Yes, I agree. ‘God won’t take you through the wilderness to leave you stranded. It’s a journey to the promise land’ was what dropped in his mind as he thought of his predicament and how things were turning hard for him. In the light of the end of the story, how did this phrase play out?

Ololade: Yes! God did lead him to the promised land when he met sis Faith. This is noteworthy as when we choose to trust God, the end is always beautiful. If bro Seun had decided to disobey God by working in the brewery company, he wouldn’t have met sis Faith and would have completely gone outside the will of God for His life. So on this journey, we must learn to trust God even when it doesn’t in the least look like it. Even when difficulties and challenges will surface to threaten our trust, we must keep trusting Him who is ever Faithful. Has He said it? Shall He not do it?…Or has He spoken, and shall He not make it good? He sure will. Simply, TRUST, so that at the end you’ll be able to smile and be happy that you walked in God’s plan for your life. Also so that you would be able to say, hitherto has the LORD helped me.

Oluwatosin: Who’s your favourite character in the book and what was your best scene?


At this point, I’ll plead to be given the opportunity to have two favorite characters as it’s hard picking one over the other. That said, my two favorite characters are Temi’s Dad and Sis Ruth. And my best scene was when Temi’s dad called and asked to speak to his daughter when she was facing the serious battle of her life. It was so beautiful reading how he called forth his daughter out of the void and darkness that she was in with names of promise. Her father definitely knew how to war against the principalities and powers raging war against his daughter.

In addition, you may be reading this and you have absolutely no clue as to the direction of your life, I’ll like to say that you should hold on to God. Hold on to His promises. Also know the name that He calls you and hold on them really tight. You are precious in God’s sight, you are God’s own and He definitely has plan for your life even before you were born. However, if you don’t have a relationship with Him, you won’t be able to live your best life. As the best life is the life lived in God. Therefore, surrender your life to Him, come to Him and let Him take on your burden as He’s the burden bearer that will ease you of your burdens. His arms are outstretched as He so longs to call you His own. After that, trust Him as He moulds your life into a beautiful masterpiece that will cause you to be a wonder unto many. God bless.

Oluwatosin: Amen! Thank you so much, Ololade. I enjoyed this session with you. God bless you for blessing us with these points and lessons.

Hello there! Thanks for reading through. I’m sure you have been inspired by this review. If you have questions, or any other comments, feel free to comment below. You are blessed.

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