Oluwatosin: Hello! Good to have you back! I’m really excited you’re here. Today we will be reviewing chapter 7 of the book ‘Dining with the Devil’. If this is your first time reading any of the reviews, you can click here to get updated on the last one we did and other previous ones too.

Oluwatosin: For today’s review I have a beautiful, wonderful sister with me. Can we please meet you?


My name is TiJesunimi .M. Adesina.
I am a student of the department of Microbiology, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos.
I am a lover of God, Music and Literature.

I am an inspirational writer, an advocate against rape, an ardent reader and a Book club owner, interested in self development and also helping young people develop themselves
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Oluwatosin: A very good one! Faith started having some disagreements with her fiancé. If you were in Faith’s shoes or know someone in such situation, what would you advise the person to do? Considering the fact that he was God’s will for her and the arising situation that was on ground?


I would advise Faith and any other person in such situation to go back to God. For example, I gift you something very special that I made and it doesn’t seem to work like I said it would, then you bring it back to me!

Same with relationships, since he is “God’s will” for her, she should go back to God in prayers to know exactly what is going on and ask for his help and wisdom on how to handle the situation.

Oluwatosin: Hmm, rightly said! “Have you tried to point it out to him, probably he’s going through some other stuffs and he’s tensed up.” From this advise Ada gave, what can we learn in relating with other people especially in conflicting situations?

TiJesunimi: Avoid jumping into conclusions hurriedly! Always give people the benefit of the doubt. The sudden”attitude”that close friend, fiancè or spouse is displaying might be due to pressure from somewhere else entirely; work, school, extended family. So calm down and ask questions carefully. If the person is using the attitude to cover whatever pressure he/she is facing, you will have to be very very careful while seeking to get him/herto open up.

Oluwatosin: Word! Thanks for this answer. “Faith, you’ve been a wonderful friend and companion and I really do appreciate you but at this point I don’t think we can walk together as couples anymore. I’ve thought it over and I think it’s best we go our separate ways.” Gbam! How did you feel here?

TiJesunimi: Very sad, I actually wanted to cry because I had come to like Ayo’s character so much.😭😔

Oluwatosin: (Smiles) I also liked him too. “The feelings I once had for you are gone and it would be a disfavor to you if I continue with the marriage like that”. This is the reason Ayo gave for the breakup, but I’m wondering, since he was sure Faith was God’s will for him, was this a logical and justifiable reason to end the relationship? If your answer is yes or no, why so?


Please permit me to say Yes and No. Logic would say “Yes, do not marry someone you do not love anymore,  afterall a broken courtship is better than a broken marriage” but in this situation, NO, I do not find it justifiable. You see some Christians pray for months and years seeking to know God’s Perfect will in marriage and then let down their guards once the “sister” has said YES.

Marriage is a very good thing and was instituted by God for a purpose. However, we must also remember that the devil hates everything good and  will fight tooth and nail to ensure holy matrimony between 2 of God’s children is not established; by bringing agents from the past, causing sudden confusion, setting traps of fornication. And so individuals who seek to fulfill God’s purpose in marriage, must constantly soak themselves in Prayers and WATCH!!!

Oluwatosin: Getting worried, she moved faster the stairs and opened the door immediately. She almost screamed when she did. Did you try to anticipate or imagine what would happen here or you just read on?

TiJesunimi: I did try to imagine what would happen next and I was right😎

Oluwatosin: (Laugh out) Oh wow; That’s good! She knew Lolade to be discerning about people but she reasoned that Bro Taiwo was the one who had helped her out of a spiritual problem and so, he couldn’t be anything less than spiritually good. What lesson can we learn from this? isn’t there a possibility that someone who was once spiritual can actually turn back?


Yes, there is every possibility for even the “strongest” of Christians to fall if he or she is not careful. See what my Bible tells me;

1Cor.10.12(NIV) – So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!

One very important lesson I learnt is this; attendance in a particular denomination, occupying aministerial office, display of acrobatics during prayer and other spiritual activities is not a yardstick to measure a person’s spiritual state. This does not also mean we should begin to go about full of suspicions, condemning and judging rather it points us to the need for spiritual discernment. Be careful of overfamiliarity.

Oluwatosin: Very true! What part of the whole story ministered to you? Like what was the central lesson you got from the book?


Reading the book was such a delight. The whole story indeed ministered to me but one part that really struck different was when Bro. Seun was still contemplating with God as to whether or not he heard right that Faith was his wife and then the still small voice whispered “The Just shall live by faith”.

When God gives you an instruction, a vision or an idea on anything at all (not just marriage now), just follow and obey. I agree, it might not be easy but be rest assured that He’s got your back. If that vision is not bigger than your present capacity, then check again, it’s probably not from God.

May God help us all🙏

Thank you very much for having me🤗

Oluwatosin: If that vision is not bigger than your present capacity, it’s probably not from God!

Oluwatosin: Thank you very much TiJesunimi for honoring the request to review the book; I’ve really gained from it. God bless you.

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