'DINING WITH THE DEVIL' Book review 11


Oluwatosin: Whew! Finally, we’ve reached the last phase of the review of the book ‘DINING WITH THE DEVIL’. All glory to God and thanks to you all for following through!

So today, I have the pleasure of having a wonderful person with me. I can assure you today’s review is loaded!

John Ayoola is a graduate of Petroleum Engineering from the University of Lagos, and a Master of Science from the Institute of Petroleum Studies, UNIPORT/1FP France.

He is a Teen Guide, who is currently engaged in a mentorship and capacity-buiding platform for Energy Industry students, young professionals and the society at large.

You are welcome on board, sir. Straight to the first question. You would agree with me that Mr Collins was quite mature with the way he took Faith’s refusal to his proposal or what do you think?


While rejecting the calm and collected Mr. Collins was a huge challenge for Faith, his acceptance of her decision also carries an import; we shouldn’t usurp other people’s will. He might not have expected to be turned down as a part of him would believe he is good enough for her, should ultimately be at peace with God’s will, not man’s, prevailing in every situation. Man proposes and God disposes.

Faith’s consideration of Mr. Collins typifies the challenges of young believers like me as we’re faced with numerous choices while navigating a world space that militates against the kingdom of God. This might require circling back to Eden where the forbidden fruit looked like something that would make one wise. Not all that glitters is gold. Since deception is always designed around what we can see, discernment is crucial.

Oluwatosin: Hmmm, discernment! “Father, she cannot go now!” Her father prayed intently. “You gave her to me as a promise and Your promise never fails. Teminioluwa is Your promise to me. Lord, I’ve given her to You as a covenant. You cannot break Your covenant. From this statement Temi’s dad made, what does this teach us about our relationship with God?


In an ironical situation parallel to Faith and Mr. Collins’ proposal, we see here how all God’s word issued peace and assurance despite the ugly and disturbing appearance of things.

Nothing in life is truly ours if it was not given. All good gifts come from above, from the Father of light. At such, our relationship with the Heavenly Father supersedes every other quest in life. Teminioluwa was secure in the unflinching watch of a covenant-keeping God. What this teaches us? Just simply trust and obey.

Oluwatosin: Trust and obey! That’s very key! What was the initial mistake Ayo made that got him into trouble? What could he have done to avert what eventually happened to him?


It appears to be his secret dealings and seclusion from the fellowship of brethren. An invitation to dine with the devil is always meant for your ears only. Ayo’s overconfidence and rationalization of what was a spiritually-charged situation led to his downfall. Doesn’t pride go before a fall?

Firstly, he shouldn’t have given any space to the devil by reconnecting with a former sinful partner. In addition, he shouldn’t have spurned the counsels and entreaties of his Christian friends as he developed infatuation/lust in his heart for this old friend. Rather, he should have come out in the open and find God’s grace (wisdom and strength) to say an assertive no to the wiles of the devil.

As evidenced in the way Faith dealt with the heartbreak, matters of the heart are better healed when we allow for Christian companions to supply. On a lighter note, I’ll like to believe the One-Proverb-a Day Monthly Bible reading cycle would have helped Ayo. Day 15 would have saved his soul.

Oluwatosin: (smiles). What part of this chapter or even the whole book got to you?


“For hours, he groaned…” The ability to stand in the gap and push through in intercessory prayers really rang home for me. Apart from seeing a parallel between Temi’s Dad and mine, it also reinstates the parenting crisis in digital natives. While Temi’s Dad prayer was for her protection, I could easily see the multi-faceted capability of prayer in mitigating the present-day crisis in parenting digital natives and Gen Zs. Whether the harm is behavioral or environmental, prayer is the master key for peace and prosperity within and without.

Oluwatosin: Prayer is the master key! That’s right, sir! So what is the overall lesson from the book or any major ones you would like to highlight?


A common thread across the chapters is the consistency of devotion to God as the underpinning of a life that overcomes. Apart from underlining a consistent personal devotion as the absolute auto-correct for the characters’ decision making, the book also showcases it as the sure dispensary of God’s grace. The wisdom and strength to navigate through life challenges and successfully prosecute destiny without sabotaging eternity can only be ours when we begin each day in intimacy with our Heavenly Father who is the Beginning and the End.

Dining with the Devil simplifies the panacea to many existential struggles of life; self-esteem, decision-making, relationship challenges, oppression, and professional ordeals… We can only do right when we see with the right perspective, God’s.

“Let your eyes be single, and your whole body would be full of light.”

Oluwatosin: Thank you so much, John! This has been a wonderful review indeed. God bless you for the enlightenment on the book.

Here we are! I want to express my profound gratitude first to God for the successful completion of the book review of ‘DINING WITH THE DEVIL’. It has been an enlightening and impactful one! God bless all the guests and all of you who have taken time to read through. I’m very sure you’ve been blessed with the review!

Just in case you haven’t read the book ‘DINING WITH THE DEVIL’, you can get the free ebook here and the hard copy can be gotten here too. Gracias and God bless you! See you in the next post!


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