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Oluwatosin: Welcome to the blog, can you please introduce yourself to us?

Oluwaseun: I am Precious Oluwaseun Ajimuda, a graduate of Business Administrator, Caleb University. I am the CEO of Kenyosworld, Multimedia Director of TAICHI Studios, a goal getter. I have taken a lot of courses and gotten certification on business and also on how to grow your brans and many more. I’m a serving corper.

Oluwatosin: Great! Alright, straight to the first question: ‘Weep no longer for Saul. I have chosen a David for you, a man after my own heart.’ Immediately she heard these words, a surge of joy swept over her; one she couldn’t explain. How does it feel when you’re going through a situation and then you receive a word from God on it?


The feeling of being satisfied is way beyond expression especially when you have been looking for an answer on/for that particular thing.

You know when we are faced with a challenge or a situation it’s like it’s never going to end and we feel so chocked up with the problem but when we depend on God and trust him with the little faith we have and he finally gives an answer or a leading, giving us a path to follow out of that pressing situation, you can imagine the joy one will feel. It doesn’t matter how long that problem has tarried but when God steps in, the past just wipes off and we’re made stronger again in him.

Just like She couldn’t fathom what caused it but she knew it was confirmation from the Holy Spirit God had heard and answered her prayers. She entered into another round of thanksgiving to God. There was peace in her heart. God had found her man for her and would bring her to him in due time. She was so happy and excited, that’s how it is when God suddenly gives answer to one’s cries and prayers.

Even the Bible says that weeping may endure for a night but joy will surely come in the morning and that morning is God’s appointed time. We may think he’s not hearing us but he is, he’s just waiting for the appointed time to give you an answer. All you need to do is ‘keep trusting in him, never be sad nor desponding; if you have faith in the Lord, never give up’ a song writer says.

Oluwatosin: That’s right! Thanks for that. She didn’t seem like those other sisters who were desperate to get his attention, throwing themselves at him at every opportunity. What can young single ladies learn from this?


As young, single ladies there’s a great lesson to learn from here… they say not all that glitters is gold, you don’t know what that man or that brother you’re throwing yourself to is thinking about you. You don’t know what trap he has set up for anyone who runs to him at will.

Self-esteem is one key thing we should have as Ladies, the way you carry yourself is the way you’ll be addressed.

If you know your worth, you don’t have to flaunt yourself around guys or brothers, even if the person has all the characteristics you want in a man, you shouldn’t throw yourself at them, it’s not the best. 

Oluwatosin:If you know your worth, you don’t have to flaunt yourself around guys‘ Very true! I’m asking for a better and decent job and you’re giving me a woman. Marriage is not what I need now.” In this circumstance, where Seun thought he knew what he needed, how does God’s workings play out here?


In all we do in life God’s plan is always the best. We may have planned our lives from beginning to end but God has a way of twarting it especially if we plan our lives outside his plan for us. Mind you, your plan may not be evil, of course no one plans evil for himself or herself but God knows what is best for us. He was the one who created us and he has created us all for a particular reason and at the very appointed time he will begin to unfold and reveal his plans to us.

Just like Abraham in the Bible when God promised to give him a son, it took many years before that covenant was fulfilled. Also when God told him to sacrifice his son, Isaac, there was a reason why God did that; not because he wanted him to actually sacrifice his son but he wanted to see level at which he had faith in God.

I believe before we set out to do anything in life we should be able to discuss it with our Maker, he sure knows what’s best for us. Most times we think we know what we need but we don’t until God steps in we can never or may never get or know what we actually need.

In the case of Bro Seun from the story, we see that it was after he had accepted Sis Faith who God gave him as his wife that breakthrough started happening in his life. What can we see from there? Somethings happen to us for a reason, just like saying you want to get to a destination but you have to pass through some places before you can get to that very place you’re going to. That’s just how life is and sometimes that’s how God works, he’s not a magician. Before a miracle can happen he uses someone or something to perform his miracle.

Life is a process and we need to take things one step at a time. If you want to get to the top you start from the bottom, you don’t just rush to the top like that, it’s not done that way. You just need one thing to cause a breakthrough in your life and you must be ready to go through it even though it may not be what you want at the moment. For Seun, he wanted a job and God gave him a wife. If he had rejeected her he wouldn’t have at the end gotten the job he got alongside other breakthroughs he had.

You know we just need one package because that package may contain all that we need or ever asked for in life, all we need to do is ask for the right package from God and I believe he will give it unto you.

Oluwatosin: Hmmm, you’ve said it well. What were your thoughts when Sis Ruth began to confront Cynthia with the scriptures?


Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commandeth it not? Lamentations 3:37 KJV

This verse of the scripture came to my mind as I was reading this part of the book again. Also greater is he that’s in me than he that’s in the world. Cynthia was obviously of the world and light and darkness has nothing in common. Light will always overcome darkness no matter how thick the darkness is, light will always prevail over it. At some point while I was reading it looked so real it was like I was seeing it happen face to face. Then I looked at it this way, if Sis Ruth didn’t have Christ in her, not to talk of having the Holy Spirit in her what would have been the case, what would have transpired during that period? It’s very possible that Temi would have been forced to drink that calabash, it’s also possible that Ruth would be lured to be a part of the covenant as well or God will use another person to help Temi out of the situation.

God doesn’t just reveal things to anyone or everyone, he reveals secret things to people who are deeply rooted in him. Before we can claim the scriptures that says greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world…. We ourselves must have a greater personality in us (Jesus) and we must be deeply rooted in him so that no matter the obstacle or the greater the evil he will still keep us strong in him.

Oluwatosin: This is right on point! “Why do I need to ask Him again? He has already given His answer; this is just the confirmation.” What do you think when a situation seems to be an answer to prayer? Is it necessary to still ask for confirmation? Wouldn’t that be seen as lack of faith? Or it depends?


To me it’s best you confirm again just to be very clear on what you heard. At times, the answer we get to a particular situation may not be the right answer, especially in cases where for instance you actually want a yes for answer and you got that yes, check it well so you don’t end up listening to your own voice or that of the devil.

Confirming your confirmation saves you from doing what you think is right whereas it’s not. No matter how demanding that situation may be, be calm and be still in Christ; never rush into any decision at the moment. Pray and pray through if it means having scriptural backings for your confirmation, it goes a long way. Even if you feel so sure still confirm you be on a safer side.

Oluwatosin: It was a struggle throughout the night, as reason, logic and perception tugged at her heart while divinity spoke ever so gently. By the time she stood from her bed, her mind was made up. Did you try to guess what her final decision her was?


Initially when I read the part where her boss proposed to her I was like finally, I was expecting it but along the line when she told her friend about it and how the whole thing went, I became indifferent.

By the time she made up her mind I was wondering how she would tell him he wasn’t the one for her but thank God she was able to manage the situation.

Oluwatosin: (smiles) Yes, thank God. What is the major lesson you learnt from the book?


A whole lot! Patience, Friendship/ relationship both with God and man. We’re to be deeply rooted in Christ, having a relationship with him that’s way beyond a relationship between your fellow brethren, being bold through Christ…if Sis Ruth wasn’t bold in Christ she wouldn’t have been able to confront Cynthia and the devil would have won the battle.

Like I said, I’ve really learnt a lot from this book, you can also check out my comments on the previous reviews to get more about what I’ve learnt from this book.

Oluwatosin: Thank you so much, Oluwaseun! I must say the lessons you’ve shared have been a blessing. God bless you, sis.

Dear reader, I believe you’ve been able to glean massively from this review; I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment below. See you later!


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