HELLO! Are you anticipating great things this year? Are you tired of living the average life and you want to move on to something better? Do you want to get started before it reaches the tail-end of the year? If yes, I’ve got something for you to do. It’s a challenge! I’ve decided to embark on a ‘DARE TO DO’ challenge for the next four weeks and I’d like you to join me. So, what’s this all about?

The ‘Dare to do’ challenge is formulated to bring out the best in YOU. It’s a challenge to do something you’ve not done before, something you’ve been afraid to do or something out of norms or status quo. It doesn’t have to be big. The most important thing is, it must be POSTIVE and endear to a better you or for the good of others.

Now, the interesting part is you can also extend the challenge to others; i.e you can challenge  someone to do something that you KNOW will be bring out the best in the person. You can do this by sharing on your social media handles and tagging the person or something like that. Not only that, the ‘Dare to do’ challenge is not just for yourself. Sharing your experience of the challenge would be great. How? Tell us the challenge you embarked on, the obstacles, challenge or difficulty you faced, internally or externally, what new thing you discovered about yourself or ability, the lessons you learned and so on.

If you want to feature your story on the blog, send your details to me with your picture. I’d be sharing mine too. When sharing your story on the blog or your social media handle, use the tag #Daretodo.

It’s a four-week challenge. It could have been January challenge but the month is already running. You can decide to extend it longer than that.

Let’s do this together.


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