In the Eye of the Storm

Tomi sat at the corner of their bedroom bed, staring at her husband. Friends and family came in to comfort and assure her. She was unusually calm and peaceful. The pain and sadness still tugged at her heart but she no longer felt troubled.  Her husband had been brought back home as no one had hope of him surviving.

It was a clear golden morning, as Tomi woke up quite alive from the bed. She turned around to see her husband still sleeping. He’d had a hectic week, shuffling between the roads as he had appointments in different places almost every day. She knew better than to disturb him; he really needed rest. She obviously wasn’t expecting him to wake up until later in the day. She quietly slipped from the room to commune with God. ‘Thank You, Jesus’ she muttered, mindful not to wake him up. She knew if Kunle heard her praying, even if a tornado was roaring in his head, he’d rise up to join her. He loved God that passionately. That was one reason she loved him dearly too, she always had to thank God for such a husband.

After her devotion, she prepared the meal and kept his food beside the bed, as she had to go to work. Everything went well for her during the day and at few minutes to 7, she got home.

‘Hello dear, I’m home’ She hollered, as she entered their bedroom. Funny enough, Kunle was still sleeping. ‘Is he this tired’ she thought, and left to attend to other things.

‘Why didn’t he wake up to eat his food?’ She asked, as she came back to the room and noticed the cooler was still packed the way she left it. ‘It’s like he’s going to sleep the whole day, but he should at least eat something’.

‘Kunle dear, wake up’. She nudged him. ‘I know you’re very tired but you have to eat’. Kunle didn’t wake up. She tried arousing him from sleep, all to no avail. At this time, she was already apprehensive.

‘God, what’s wrong with Kunle?’ she shouted. ‘Kunle dear, can you hear me, please wake up’. His body was still. She checked his breath; he was breathing faintly, as if fading away. ‘No! Nothing will happen to you, in Jesus name. No! You cannot…’ She couldn’t bear herself to say the word, as she tried to disperse the thought of that happening. She reached for the phone to call his elder brother, who wasn’t leaving far away. ‘Uncle Segun, it’s Kunle. I don’t know what’s wrong. Please come quickly, we need to rush him to the hospital’.

She had already started weeping ‘God please…please God…’.  As he was being rushed to the emergency room at the hospital, Tomi couldn’t envisage what had gone wrong. Her mind was in choas. Trying hard to pray, all she could think of was Kunle.

Lying on the bed without her husband was dreadful. For once, she wished he was on the road. At least, then she could call him to hear his voice or in one of his countless meetings and she could have sent him a text and received his reply but no, he was lying on the hospital bed half-dead. She shut her eyes as she cried hard; she tried to think of what she had done wrong that morning. She left him asleep and that was all. ‘God’, she muttered, as she sobbed in the darkness that clogged her ‘Please help me’. She didn’t sleep that night. Torrents of horrid thoughts flooded her mind. The doctors hadn’t told her anything about his condition; they only spoke to his elder brother. Her heart ached. Kunle was one man she knew she didn’t deserve at all but one who loved her deeply and showed it. And now, just barely a year and a half into their marriage, this?  The night was dreadful. ‘Why didn’t she wake him up that early morning? Maybe he’d still be at home with her by now’. The sun rose upon her with no hope in sight, she prayed all kinds of prayer she could, hoping for a miracle but as much as she tried to believe things were going to be fine, fear tugged at her heart.

‘What’s happening to me’, she whispered. Two months into their marriage, Tomi conceived. It was a joyful moment for them both. They weren’t expecting a baby so soon but it was good. Nine months down the line, without any complications on the way, she delivered safely. Unfortunately, the baby turned out to be a stillbirth. It was a shock! The doctors couldn’t explain what went wrong. Tomi was distraught and depressed. It took the prayers of her close friends and the love of her husband to bring her back to her feet. Now, barely a year after that, when they were believing God for a child, thunder struck again. Her Husband!

She rose up from the bed and knelt down. With utmost sincerity, her face and heart to God, crying bitterly, she prayed ‘Lord, I don’t doubt Your sovereignty, I know You’re still God, I know You’re with me as a Father, but Lord, my boat is hitting the rocks and all I can see are storms all about. Just this question I ask, where are You, Lord?’ that was all she could say. She kneeled there still, her heart tumbling within her. Was the question a show of doubt and unbelief? Was she beginning to question God like Job? Just then, she heard a still small voice in her spirit ‘In the eye of the storm’. Her eyes clicked open. She didn’t get any assurance that the storm would soon be over, He didn’t say He’d come into it and silence it.

‘Lord, I don’t understand, ‘the eye of the storm?’ she repeated. Instinctively, she took her phone to browse what it meant, as she had never heard the expression before. Surprisingly, she learnt that in the midst of a hurricane, a severe storm with torrential rain and heavy wind, right in the middle was something called ‘the eye of the storm’. Here it is quite peaceful and calm, despite the surrounding thunderous waves. ‘How does that apply to me Lord? What does it have to do with my present predicament?’ and then, something dropped into her mind ‘Perfect peace’ Perfect peace? There was nothing to warrant peace in her life at this point. She looked for her Bible and opened the passage where it was. Isaiah 26:4 “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee”. At that instant, she realized her mind had been filed with frets and frights, and though she prayed, it wasn’t solely on God. She repented of her fears and kept her absolute trust in God. Then, she had perfect peace. From that day onward, even though her husband’s situation hadn’t gotten better, as she sat beside his bed, she understood what the Bible meant by ‘the peace of God, which passeth all understanding’. Those who came around expected her to be in tears and sorrow but her smile was one that gave hope to them, there was an aura of calmness and stillness, perfect trust in her countenance. Still praying for a miracle, she held on to God, looking only at Him, keeping Him in the center of her storm and there she found peace; the peace that kept her strong and going for the past three months.

Suddenly, Kunle stirred and moaned softly on the bed. Tomi, who was left alone with him at this time and staring outside the window, turned to see what was happening.

‘Kunle!’ He turned his face to her direction, though weakly. ‘Kunle!’ she rushed out of the room to alert the others and call the doctor, who was about leaving.  Her joy knew no bounds. ‘Thank you Jesus’ she kept on saying, as she entered the ambulance with her husband, so he’d been given proper treatment at the hospital. It was a miracle!

A week after, her husband was recovering fast in the hospital. She entered in with his food.

‘How are you dear’ she asked him, smiling.

‘I’m fine’ he answered, and then he frowned. ‘You look pale’.

‘Don’t mind her’ his mother, who had also been with him in the hospital, said. ‘She didn’t eat well or rest those past three months, sometimes just one meal a day or scarcely anything at all. You’re even looking better than her’. Suddenly, Tomi began to feel dizzy and she slumped. It was later confirmed she was 6 weeks pregnant. Few months after, with Kunle perfectly fine and well, they welcomed in a lovely baby girl.

Have you ever been in a stormy situation or are you presently in one? You might not have faced stormy situations like this but we all have times when our minds become troubled, when situations put our backs against the wall, when things just seem to be going wrong.  God doesn’t come in through as quickly as we expect, He doesn’t promise to solve the problems as they come, they even go from bad to worse. Learning to find peace in every storm is characterised by one who has learnt to cast all burdens upon Christ. When we put our absolute trust in Him, one thing is certain; He fills us with His peace. The peace that disperses all doubts and fears, the peace that stills the troubling voices within and gives us blessed assurance that no matter what storm betides, as long as Jesus sails in the ship of our lives, all is well.

There’s peace in the middle of the storm when you hold on to the One who controls the winds and the waves. 

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