1 thing to do before you say ‘I do’.

‘Tinu!’ Mrs. Robins laughed, looking over her daughter’s shoulder, watching her write her expectations for her husband to be. 


‘Hanhan Mummy!’ Tinu scrawled, putting her hands over her paper. ‘It’s personal naw.’


‘What is it?’ Mrs. Robins continued. ‘Hope you know I already have my own husband, ehn?’


‘Ehn leave me to start planning for my own, too.’ Tinu frowned. 


‘No problem.’ Mrs. Robins smiled. ‘But Tinu, there’s something I need to talk to you about before you finally get married.’


‘Okay, ma, what is it?’ 


‘Have you started preparing for the exam?’


Tinu dropped the phone in her hand on her lap, looked up at her mum in surprise. 


‘What exam? Is there an exam I’m supposed to be writing now?’


‘What I mean is have you started praying for your marriage?’ 


‘Praying? Do you mean to know who the man is I will get married to?’


‘No. That’s important but that’s not what I’m talking about.’


‘I don’t think I understand what you’re saying, ma. Why should I pray for my marriage when I’m not yet married?’


‘Why will you start preparing for an exam before the exam day? Your marriage is like an examination and it’s one many people have failed woefully, even Christians.’


‘But I still don’t get it. Shouldn’t my primary prayer be to know who God has for me? When I know that, isn’t the rest settled?’


‘My dear.’ Mrs. Robbins sat down beside her daughter. ‘Knowing God’s will in marriage is just the preliminary step in the right direction. It’s only the beginning. There’s more to a successful marriage than just marrying the right person. You also need to start praying for the person and your marriage.’


‘Even when I’m not married yet? Or when I don’t even know the person yet?’


‘That’s even the best time. You don’t start reading to pass in the examination hall. That’s failure glorified already. If you want a successful, God-glorifying marriage, you need to start praying for it. Yes, you may not know who the man is yet, but what stops you from praying for him?’


‘How will I pray for someone I don’t know?’


‘You know your Father in heaven right?’


‘Yes, ma’


‘And since you’re trusting your Father for His choice for you, it’s certain that your Father knows that one, isn’t it?’


‘Yes, absolutely.’


‘Good. Then just talk to your Father about the one He knows. Ask Him to prepare him for you. Pray for his overall well-being. Commit him to the Father’s hands. Also, begin to pray for your marriage. Don’t wait till you enter into it before you start. Set the ground well. Lay the foundation now. Remove the hindrances and roadblocks the devil might have placed ahead of you. This is very important. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with telling your Father what you want in your marriage. 


‘Thank you very much, ma.” Tinu replied, nodding her head thoughtfully. “It never occurred to me. I’d make sure to do that from now on.”


‘You’re welcome, dear.’


Pray for your marriage. You may not know who you’ll be married to yet but as long as you’re settling and trusting God for His will, begin to pray for your marriage. Pray for your husband. When you cultivate that habit now, it will be easier to pray whenever challenges, disagreements, or problems arise in the marriage. 


Don’t wait till he says ‘will you marry me?’ before you know you need to start praying. 


Praying for your future spouse does not mean praying for a tall man or a lady who is fair. That isn’t even a prayer point. It’s way beyond that. Prepare the way for your marriage in the place of prayer. 


I used to wonder what to pray for about my marriage but with time, the Holy Spirit would guide me on what to pray for. Here are a few tips on what to pray for but not limited to: 

  • Pray for his spiritual well being: you don’t want to marry a spiritual weakling. If you’re spiritually high and your spouse is spiritually low, it’s going to pose a serious challenge in the marriage


  • Pray for his finances: Plant the seed of progress and prosperity into your marriage as you pray for your spouse’s finances. The state of your spouse’s finances will greatly affect you and the marriage. Trust me, this is very important. 


  • Pray for his physical health: The devil can use any means to bring problems in marriage and health is not excluded. Pray against genetic diseases. If you’re engaged already, as a Christian, you have the power and authority to turn things around. 


  • Pray for his purpose in life: Your marriage has a purpose in God’s agenda, even as you and your spouse have an individual purpose to fulfill. When you get married, you’re meant to help each other fulfill God’s purposes for your life. Praying is one way this can be achieved. 


  • Pray for his overall wellbeing: John said 3 John 1:2  Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.


In all, pray! Pray! Pray! You can never go wrong with praying for your marriage according to God’s perfect will. 


I also read a post by Evang. Mike Bamiloye which helps to substantiate this post. Click here to read it. 


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  1. Well-done Tosin.

    This is actually a very important part majority of us who are waiting tend to look away from or hold with levity…

    God bless you sir this script.

    May God keep us praying even as we wait on Him. Amen.


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